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Thanks for stopping by. I am an ACSM personal trainer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and love to help motivate people to healthy life change. Come train with me at CityFit east of downtown Calgary and change your body and your lifestyle! Check out my About Me and Prices tab for more info, and fill out the contact form below if you have any questions. Live well & be well!

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I love movement! Running, kettle bell swings, climbing mountains, skiing, pull ups and cart wheels on the beach. I also love dark, black coffee, almond butter, licorice, time with family, adventures with my husband, kayaking down rivers, red wine, and learning to embrace the unknown in my life.



I’m a native Californian and Golden State girl at heart and live in Calgary with my husband where we love to adventure together and enjoy helping others do the same. I am a personal trainer and have been training since 2008 in many settings: in a “big box” gym, house-to-house as a mobile trainer, in a corporate setting downtown, and now as a contractor at CityFit, east of downtown. Join me for a workout to learn new skills, find a sense of empowerment and strength, and make some lifestyle changes for the better – that stick!

Why I  What I Do


Motivating others toward positive life change is something that I feel very grateful to “do” for a living, because it’s learning to be patient and work towards change over the long haul. You will not change your body with one month of eating “clean” and hard workouts but over a year, a lifetime of moderate movement and moderate eating. I want to stick with people through that change and love watching the pieces come together as their habits begin to change and their lives take a new, more active shape!

My Fitness Philosophy


I believe that fitness should be something that realistically fits into your daily life, encourages better movement in all areas of life, and ultimately allows you to live better! Some of my favorite tools to help accomplish this include body weight movements including TRX exercises, kettle bell training, sprints for conditioning and free weights. In my business, I strive to make people feel comfortable in a gym and outdoors on a rock and to know that they are worthy just as they are, but will feel and live even fuller lives when they are fit in both body and mind.

Survive & Thrive Cancer Programs

My husband, Mike, and I also run a non-profit called Survive & Thrive Cancer Programs, and I run a blog as the healthy living arm of our program (check it out below!), all based off our initial experience with Mike’s cancer in 2008. You can read more about our story in our About Us section over on our site. My blog exists as a way for me to provide tips, tools and inspiration to help you live life to the full at regardless of your fitness level. Here you’ll find home- and gym-based workouts, musings on nutrition and encouragement toward healthy lifestyle change.

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Tips, Tools and Inspiration to Live Life to the Full
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  • I really enjoyed having Bonnie as a trainer! She has a great attitude and it was easy to want to put in the extra effort during our sessions.

    — Randy —
  • I’ve lost weight, gained muscle tone, strength, balance and even grit after working with her the past year.  Whether you are a beginner like I was or a seasoned veteran, Bonnie will make your training sessions worthwhile.

    — Sonia —
  • Bonnie is encouraging and genuine for her love of health and fitness, and everyone she comes in contact with. Bonnie is an amazing individual.

    — Becky —


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