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Fairmont with the Fam

Hey friends! Well, it’s a Tuesday-night-kind-of-catch-up night around Casa Lang and we’re busy packing (a hint on that at the end of the post!), planning workouts, responding to emails and doing laundry. It’s one of those days! After 9 clients at work (thank goodness for one cancellation – it was a full, back-to-back day at the gym!), I’m sitting down reflecting on last weekend with a small glass of wine and Mikey nearby. Life is good. ๐Ÿ™‚

So what exactly am I reflecting on? Well…


Another weekend away, another fun road trip with my man, another chance to connect with the fam and disconnect from technology…we had a great (long) weekend at Fairmont Resort with Mikey’s parents, sister Sarah and her husband Craig, and young sister Catherine with her husband Dave. It was short and sweet and all the time we could take off, but still a wonderful chance to reconnect with family who live in Mongolia and British Columbia, respectively! Vacations with this side of the family involve less coffee and more doing – I love that our families are a blend of talking and connecting and doing – I value both so much now! Here’s a quick snapshot of what we did…

Lake Invermere Day! Slack lining, sunning ourselves, swimming to the dock, eating good food, and playing catch…not a bad first day!

5ย 6


(check out this camp stove we ordered from this amazing company!)


Hiking Up Jumbo Pass! This was a great day – a short hike with an amazing reward in the view and hut at the top of Jumbo Pass – what a beautiful day we got to spend outside in God’s Creation, too! We even rented cars that could handle the long, gravel roads (old logging roads where we crossed creeks and had fun four-wheeling it!


…on the hike…

15ย 12


ย 16


All in all, it was a pretty great day. We really enjoyed talking with one another about life, our plans, where we think God is leading, and dreaming about the future together. We came home to steak dinners and played some tennis at night at the resort before hitting the hot tubs – not a bad day at all!

Unfortunately, Mikey and I had to leave mid-day Monday to get home as we both had huge days at work the following day. While it was short, it certainly was sweet, and we enjoyed the moments with his parents, sisters, and our brother-in-laws. Part of the reason we had to get back too? Because we have a pretty huge trip coming up on Friday morning…more on that later, but it’s crazy that it’s time to hit the river with a great group of young adult cancer survivors once again!

How does your family vacation? How often do you get to see them? We, of course, live with my in-laws but only see Craig and Sarah about once a year, Cath and Dave maybe twice a year, and my own family about once a year as well in California. Being away is hard, but it sure makes you appreciate the moments you do share together and value them all the more!

Have a great middle of the week, friends, and keep living and loving well. Stay tuned for 2 quick reviews thanks to some fun mail from a few great companies and friends! Catch ya later,



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