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Hey guys! Wednesday…half way through the week once again and feeling good (how about you?)! It’s been another full week but a good one so far. Today I thought I’d share a few honest struggles and successes as well as some inspiration in the food and fitness realm…Hope you enjoy!


  • I’ve really been trying to work on eating clean the last few weeks, but for some reason, ever since I started focusing on it, I’ve been going nuts in the kitchen! Everyone has those moments, and on occasion I really don’t worry about it, but after two weeks of eating a bowl of ice cream AND wine AND maybe a cookie in the same night and then making lacklustre choices the next day, I know I need to reign it in. It happens, but I’ve been trying to eat better (and, quite frankly, just less – it’s more of a portion/snacking thing than going overboard on ice cream and wine ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and it’s been a struggle.
  • Part of the eating issue? Just getting home late from work and therefore nibbling upon arriving home before dinner’s made. Mikey and I made a great meat sauce for our whole wheat spaghetti last night (I mainly had it over spinach and broccoli slaw with some goat cheese!) but didn’t eat until after 8 pm. Late nights are tough, I tell you! But it was fun to cook together and enjoy some healthy, home-cooked food too!
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On the “eating better” theme, here are a few recipes I want to try:

Source: via Bonnie on Pinterest

Delicious! Love the real foods that are used to make some tasty treats – and notice none of them are salads or meals. Just not what I’ve been feeling lately! At least if I’m going to make something sweet it will be lower on the carb scale, higher on the protein one, and less on the portions, right? Baby steps. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I’ve been running and enjoying good workouts (but remember, what you eat “counts more” for fitness and staying lean than just moving! Careful to not do like me this last week: over-estimate your calorie burn and under-estimate your calorie consumption!). I went to bed Sunday night feeling inspired to get up earlier than I needed to and get my run on. 8 miles later, I was a happy girl!

8 mileI had a few unexpected cancellations at the gym later and was left with a good break, so I busted out 3 quick rounds of my Kettlebell Countdown workout and was d.o.n.e done! Love this quick but challenging workout and finished just under 29 minutes this time.


Yesterday I tried a very challenging and amazing workout thanks to the ever-hardcore Courtney (seriously – have you seen this girl? I’m admittedly a lurker – I read her blog, see her workouts in awe, but don’t often comment – I should more though because she blows me away!).


This.was.tough. I modified the weights to fit me (definitely not as strong or as experienced with the Olympic lifts as she is) and loved it, finishing in 38 minutes. Killer workout!


Who knows what today holds? I’m thinking a good run to give my muscles a break from yesterday’s great workout. We’ll see! Either way, I’m going to make it my aim to eat clean and train dirty (an overused phrase in the healthy living blogging community, but man does it ever inspire me!).

I leave you with a few more inspirational phrases from my finds on Pinterest – feel free to follow me as I “pin” other great recipes, workouts and inspiration from all sorts of places!


Source: via Bonnie on Pinterest

Source: via Bonnie on Pinterest


Source: via Bonnie on Pinterest

Happy Wednesday! Have a great day and I’ll catch you guys on the flip side. As always, live well & be well,



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