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Clean Eating, Take 1

Hey guys! I hope this little update finds you living well wherever you’re reading from today. I for one am doing great; Tuesdays are long days but they’re generally good days, full of clients that keep me moving and I’m thankful to thoroughly enjoy what I do for work!

Moreover, Tuesdays mean Tuesday Trainer – and I’m participating this week! Here’s a preview of my move that I submitted:

Head on over to Lindsay’s site (and wish her blog a happy 1st birthday – she’s got incredible giveaways going on all week!) for a GREAT workout.


Yesterday I talked about my goal for the week, which is to eat clean all week long. I wanted to keep myself accountable to this goal by doing something many other bloggers do: photograph their daily eats! While this isn’t a regular pattern of mine and I don’t plan to continue it, it certainly made me think about what I eat (similar to keeping a food journal, I suppose) and I thought I’d share what yesterday looked like. Today will likely be similar! So, starting off in the morning, mainly for personal accountability purposes, here’s yesterday’s eats:

Upon waking:


…followed by:

Breakfast Banana bread

Insert: off to the gym to train a couple clients back-to-back, which called for an in-between bite of:


Insert: my own workout – check back tomorrow for a workout video you can do with only 1 piece of equipment!


Insert: finally lunch at 3:15 pm:

Eggs Soup

Insert: training another client, feeling like I needed something with more “omphf” afterward:

Chocolate milk

Insert: training home client outside at the park. Beautiful night, great circuit, hard worker, SWEAT.


(great job, April!) 🙂

Insert: Home! Minimal snackage which turned into a light dinner (still full from my late lunch):

Night snack

…and that was it! Plus a cup of tea. Although my dinner was essentially banana bread, I was still happy with my food choices and was mindful all day. I even poured myself some salsa with pita chips but then realized I didn’t want or need them and put them back (that never happens!). I’m focused this week and it feels good!

While I’m not photographing everything today, I’m trying to stay mindful and excited about how I know I’ll feel when I eat clean after a week of dedicated fueling: it’s just worth the will power to say “no thanks” (I rarely deprive myself!) and to feel good with healthy decisions.

How’s your food willpower? Do you struggle with a sweet tooth or salty foods? How do you keep yourself accountable to eating clean? Share your tips with me! 🙂

Like I said above, tune in for a great workout you can follow along with tomorrow via video! Excited to share one with you. Have a great Tuesday, friends! Live well & be well,

Training bon


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  • Heather @ Better With Veggies says:

    Ugh – the story of my life! I think I eat fairly clean, except for beer/wine. 🙂 My problem has always been quantity more than quality I think. I will count calories when I feel things getting a little out of hand, which is the direction I’m headed now. I’m terrible at estimating!

    • Bon says:

      Calorie counting…I’ve never done it, but certainly an effective form of eating clean! Might be something to think about as I know I also overestimate how much I burn and underestimate how much I eat! Thanks for that reminder, Heather!

  • Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table says:

    I do my best to eat clean – I kind of have to with my training plan. It helps to have a trainer who can tell if you’ve even smelled a slice of cake. LOL!

    Salty has been more of a struggle lately. I’m supposed to keep my sodium low, which is a lot harder than it looks! The sweet tooth I find easier to satisfy with various smoothie and protein powder bake creations.

  • lindsay says:

    i think that’s that hardest thing about training, the odd eating hours. so lots of good snacking is sometimes best! i love all your dishes, especially the lunch!

  • purelylori says:

    girl you eats look amazing…and I really want a TRX, maybe it would help stretch more

    and I know this might sound weird, but you are absolutely beautiful, just glowing.

    • Bon says:

      Oh yes – LOVE my TRX for that reason (and for strength purposes too!). Lori – your comment about me made my day – thank you so much for taking the time to say that – didn’t sound weird at all but made me feel so wonderful. 🙂 Thanks again, Lori!

  • Bava Juice says:

    I love how you post what you ate! It’s a great way for those who are looking to eat clean but are not sure what they should be having! Eating clean eventually gets easier because you get so used to it that greasy foods just don’t seem appealing! But it’s important to eat the things the things that we love like chocolate or ice cream so that we won’t binge later on! Plus hiding snacks is a good way to stay clear of bad foods and eat clean 😉

    • Bon says:

      Thank you! It’s not easy (oh boy – food’s way harder than movement for me!) but it’s good to share the struggles and successes – we all have them, hey? 🙂

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