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Hey friends! Be warned before you get into this post: there’s a whole lotta goodness going on. I’m talking a new workout for you, a party with my new work colleagues and members, a dinner out with friends and perks from twitter, and a trip to Edmonton! Hang on tight – I’ve got lots to update you on! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let’s get started with the workout. It’s inspired (and roughly the same) by a Cross Fit WOD (workout of the day) I saw over on Courtney’s blog and couldn’t wait to try it. Let me just say it left me sore for days! I think doing a different number of reps and all at once rather than coming back to different sets and rounds really challenged my body differently! The jist of the workout is simple: complete 30 reps of each move and get it done as fast as you can. The whole thing took me 53 minutes including breaks, equipment set up, and water sips. WHEW!

30 Reps of Fun Workout


Now there’s a workout that will get your muscles burning and heart rate pumping! Enjoy and let me know if you give a shot the next time you’re in the gym or at home (and feel free to get creative with different substitutions and/or variations of the movements).

Next up in today’s full post, a mention of Fifth Avenue Club‘s recent 10 year member party! Last week the club hosted a party at the Gerry Thomas Art Gallery in Calgary to celebrate those who have been members at the club for 10 or more years. It was a moving, fun, and inspiring night with speakers, appetizers and drinks, and lots of mingling. Here are a few pics of the venue and some staff shots!


IMG 0065


IMG 0067

What a great event and a meaningful evening; I’m loving working at the club and finding so much value in the way the staff and members treat each other, are intentional to learn names, and celebrate one another with events like this!

The power of social media (namely, twitter) helped give Mikey and I plus our friends Craig and Mandi and extra-special night out Friday at the World Bier Haus in Calgary. Let me explain… Not too long ago, World Bier Haus started following me on twitter, and although I’d never been in there before, I always wanted to try them out for dinner. I noticed they were very engaged with their twitter followers and so one day tweeted them about a free glass of wine, mentioning it was too bad I wasn’t coming in because it sounded wonderful! They tweeted me back and said when I come in I can cash in on the free glass – so fun! So when I heard Friday night’s plan was to meet our friends for a meal out instead of in, I threw a tweet their way:

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz002

And after a series of tweets back and forth, their director of social media came over and introduced herself to me, asking for me by name, and saying that the first round of drinks and appetizers was on THEM because I follow them on twitter! Can you believe that? We were all thrilled, especially after a long wait in line due to the fact that it was their birthday and a Friday night. #scoreoneforsocialmedia Our experience there was wonderful – the food was plentiful, the service attentive (even with it so busy and full!) and the company fun as always with Craig and Mandi.

IMG 0070ย IMG 0071

Yam fries and nachos for our (free!) appetizers + street side tacos as my entrรฉe and a glass of (free!) Malbec!

IMG 0072ย IMG 0073

Thanks for the great night out, World Bier Haus 1600! If you’re in the Calgary area, definitely check them out (there’s 1400 and 1600; we were at the Glenmore Landing location); they treat their customers well!

A speaking engagement, 29th birthday, and weekend out in Edmonton – yep! That was how we finished off our Saturday and Sunday! Mikey was invited to speak at the Canadian Cancer Society‘s Daffodil Awards for their volunteers and the event was wonderful. They flew us up Saturday morning (about a 40 minute plane ride!), shuttled us to the Westin, and put us up in a beautiful room where we were welcomed with a complimentary bottle of wine (not a bad way to start the trip!).

IMG 0062

IMG 0084

IMG 0086

The event was incredibly meaningful as volunteers and board members were acknowledged and celebrated for their help over the years (some of them for more than 20 years!), and Mikey spoke the most eloquently I’ve ever heard him! I was overwhelmed with how much he’s grown and matured and was so proud of him as he told his/our story, shared some bits of our film, and tied it all in to thanking the volunteers in his talk entitled “Coffee and Cookies.” ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG 0088IMG 0089IMG 0093

At the end of his talk, he received a standing ovation! So many people connected with his words, appreciated his story (remember, there is power in EVERY story – in yours too, whatever it may be!) and chatted with him afterward.

IMG 0100

We talked with old and new friends (Mikey’s childhood friend, Matt, was there as he was just appointed to the board of directors; a fun surprise!) and eventually hit the hay before enjoying two free breakfast coupons at the delicious continental buffet. April 22nd might be celebrated as Earth Day, but we mainly celebrate it for Mikey’s BIRTHday! ๐Ÿ˜€ We flew back to Calgary, went out to eat some Mediterranean food at Eau Claire Market, walked around in the sunshine on a gorgeous day, and went to visit our friend’s Warren and Rachel’s new little baby, Shiloh! After that it was a family birthday dinner at home with Mikey’s parents and some prep for the week ahead.

IMG 0102

Happy birthday to the person I genuinely like hanging out with daily, who is adventurous and passionate about life, who loves people, is focused and driven, and who truly “gets” me and all my idiosyncrasies – and loves me still the same. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am blessed to be your wife, to follow your direction, to go where you go, and to adventure with you through life as God continues to mold you into a man after his own heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hunk!

[whew! what a weekend!]

…Got a good weekend story to share? A dinner out or good workout, some fun wanderings or easy sleep-in days? Let me know in the comments! Live well & be well friends,


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