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Calgary to Vegas: Photo/Video Style

Hey guys! I’m finally using a bit of downtime now that the conference is officially over (full recap of thoughts from the event to come!) to say hello from Vegas (baby)! πŸ˜€ Here’s a brief look at what I’ve been up to so far:

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Hassle-free trip from Calgary to Vancouver, Vancouver to Las Vegas, enjoyed in the comfort of my Tom’s with my food bag handy (chia seeds, grapefruit, carrots, fruit bars, and almonds in tow! Loved the clear day in Calgary and the view over the Rocky Mountains best of all.

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Once I arrived in Vegas, hit by the heat and happy from it, I made my way to the Hard Rock Hotel and then connected with some friends. Pat, Lee, Melody (pictured) and Matt and I strolled the strip, found a great buffet (Vegas’ newest one: the Wicked Spoon!), and watched the Winn’s waterfall show. A great first few hours of my Vegas adventure!

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Post-workout chocolate milk. Recharge, refuel!

Friday morning I was on my own and spent some in the gym (3 mile run + 2 ten minute circuits) and then working on client programs before hitting the pool! The music was bumping the people were dancing, drinks in hand, and I was amazed at the show I was watching…Vegas really is another world! I must have been the only one out there who got up early, worked out, and was at the pool with a Runner’s World magazine. πŸ˜‰ I got burnt (oops – not the best at a cancer conference!) and enjoyed my morning of relaxation before meeting back up for the O.M.G. Summit Reception Kick-Off at Moon in the Palms Hotel.

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From the pool…to the club!

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Man alive! This place was incredible. Top floor, views of Vegas at night, rapping and dancing and super high-priced drinks (I stuck to water) – I felt like a celebrity. although I would have been a little more comfortable with MIkey there, I enjoyed myself with some friends and even danced a little (I’m an okay dancer but mainly dance with my man around!). It was a pretty great experience all the same, especially when the roof opened up and exposed the sky (they call it “Moon” for a reason)!

Mikey got home late that night and we hit the hay (so good to see him again after a week apart!) with a 7 am wake up coming soon in the morning. It was great to get into the sessions, be a part of the conference’s conversations about young adults and cancer, and see old friends. Lots of new people this year (including myself to this particular summit!), and it’s been interesting to watch people in such a big conference slowly meld together.

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It was a fun, full day that finished with a comedy show and a stop at a club (free for us from the conference!) that was very short-lived. Guess the Playboy Club isn’t quite our thing. πŸ˜‰ More to come from what’s been a fun and full time away! Hope you guys all had a great weekend…live well & be well and catch ya later with more adventures inside and outside the city,


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