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Tight Space Body Weight Workout

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday…the perfect day or jeans and a faded gray v-neck t-shirt, in my opinion. Well, that’s in an ideal world. Most of us work, which means that outfit more resembles Saturday duds you might walk around the Farmer’s Market in. πŸ˜‰ In my work world, every day means workout clothes. I was excited to share some of my new Fila crops and sports bras yesterday (loving them!), and found myself wearing a new top again yesterday (and again, courtesy of my mom; thanks mom!) for a long day out.

Mikey and I left the house early yesterday as we had to share the car and make the most of our trips from appointment to appointment. After a meeting with a friend over coffee, I headed to a client’s house and Mikey to his office to work. One good workout, some lunch together and lots of time working in his office later, I found myself alone in a tight space while Mikey was out for his last meeting of the day. Since I live in my workout clothes and was now alone, I decided to move a little and get my workout on!


Post-workout in the office!

There is so much you can do in a small space, whether that be in a hostel or hotel while you’re traveling, in a quiet corner of the room while your kids are sleeping two doors down, or if you’re visiting someone in their home. This workout is all about toughing out the reps (and is based on this BodyRock workout), so crank the FitRadio (tell me you’ve heard of them and use their tunes to pump you up!), get a warm up in and start moving!

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz003If you have access to weights, you can make almost every move harder by adding weight (think: squat or lunge with dumbbells in the “rack” position on your shoulders, hold a weight in front of your core during the sumo squat w/knee raise, etc). But this is designed for if you find yourself without equipment in a small space, so feel free to keep it body weight only – it’s certainly hard enough on it’s own!

Below is a video for those who like a visual of each move. In it I’m wearing my Fila gear (of course!) and New Balance on my feet (although I usually workout barefoot, I’ve been wearing shoes all day! #weird). Please note: my head is cut off a bit in the beginning – happened during the editing? – but you see my whole body for almost all of the video. Bear with me and stick with it to actually get some eye contact! πŸ˜‰ (to see the film without the edges cut off, you can watch it here on my YouTube channel.)

Let me know if you give this workout a shot! Do you have any go-to workouts while traveling or if you find yourself in a tight space and without equipment?

Check out Lindsay‘s fitness post round-up and add your work workout if you’ve got a good one to share! Just click the button below to see multiple posts and workouts (thanks, Lindsay!).

Tomorrow is a busy day…glad I’ve been able to squeeze workouts in here and there! No running this week as I think I’m catching what my in-laws had…my voice is so scratchy and heavy breathing hurts my throat! πŸ˜‰ So I’ve been sticking with quick, high intensity indoor workouts and feeling good. Hoping to squeeze some squats and push ups in a tight room tomorrow too!

Live well & be well friends, and have a healthy & happy Friday,


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