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Hey guys! Sorry it’s been awhile – my blog’s been getting a little behind-the-scenes work done thanks to this lovely woman; thanks so much, Christine! Hopefully a few more changes will be coming but in the meantime please bear with the lack of photos below – not sure why they didn’t transfer over!

Well, it’s a beautiful Wednesday here in Calgary – finally a little colder, but sunny and tempting you outside all the same. Open-mouthed smile A good day of sunshine after cloudy and gray days is so life giving; it always leaves me feeling renewed (as much as I love rain, fog and gray, it doesn’t leave me with that same sense of refreshment as a sunny day!).

I’m feeling renewed in a few other ways too. I could totally relate to Kristen’s post about not feeling great about the food choices she’d made over the weekend. Truth is, we’ve all been there! I went into the weekend okay but kinda overdid it on the chips at the Super Bowl. Then, I woke up on Monday morning to train feeling simply not healthy. I had no appetite for breakfast (unusual for me!), felt bloated from the day’s eats and lack of movement (though it was a rest day) before and simply didn’t feel my typical energized and ready-to-go self. Saying it out loud feels more like complaining and must sound odd to many people, but when I have a day that results in overindulgence it does throw me off and leaves me feeling not myself. Not a big deal in the long run, but a big deal at the moment that I always try to deal with right away. Make clean choices and start now, I tell myself, don’t wait until tomorrow and make this day a wash too!

After my morning clients I realized I’d been sitting around the house not being too productive, so I made myself slip on my freshly washed running clothes, ear warmers and gloves and willed myself outside in the cold to move. The run, which was somewhere around 8 miles (again, no Garmin and the side trails I took didn’t show up on MapMyRun to clock), was a cleansing run that left me feeling renewed physically. I had no phone, music or plan, but set out to move my body under the expansive sky and find some trails to cruise. The birds, still convinced we’ve entered an early spring, were chirping and the sting of the air surprised me as I chugged down the path behind the houses and into Fish Creek Park. I decided to take unfamiliar trails and branched off the main path here and there, taking in the beauty of the dull wintry day and enjoying each step.

love that feeling of experiencing harmony on a run... #FitFluential #run


Then I began to think. I began to pray. I began to meditate on the sermon I’d heard the day before and starting applying it to my life. I needed renewal. My body was feeling blah, my use of time wasn’t beneficial to others and I wasn’t too busy with work to distract me. Thus, this run, that gave the time and space to think and pray and let my thoughts wander in God’s thoughts. I had moments of confession, moments of praise, moments of silence. There were times I felt the run and it felt hard; at other times I felt like I was effortlessly moving. A good metaphor for life, really.



I finished the run not feeling perfect or back on track totally, but more mindful. It prompted me to do a challenge to start renewing not only my body but my mind. Check it out below:

Renewing our minds…

So…care to join Mikey and I with how we use our time this week? You can start your week-long challenge any time, any day. I’m also working on a few specific things to help in the mind renewal department:

  • Memorizing some Bible verses from James (tough, intentional work!); I want good words jumbling around in my head throughout the day!
  • Reading more books/articles to help with my personal training
  • Journalling more

These are just a few things but it’s amazing how much time there seems to be in the nights, and we’re not even huge TV watchers! I am looking forward to catching up on The Biggest Loser, but besides that it’s nice just reading and chatting more. I’m also reminded that this isn’t a one-time process, but a daily commitment to renew ourselves to our goals, our focus, our bodies and minds, the people in our communities and our larger commitments in life. Present tense: renewal.

While this challenge isn’t for everyone, if you do want to partake or join in your way, tweaking it all, I’d still love to hear your thoughts on renewal and how you renew your body and mind…

Have a great rest of your Wednesday, renewing that body AND mind. Live well & be well friends,


There might be more blog changes coming…if there are, please bear with me with that! I’ll try to warn in advance next time. Winking smile

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  • Miz says:

    I love this Bonnie.
    For me my focusing on living my priorities this year has been a sort of focus on renewal too.

    My priorities do not deplete me. The nourish my mind and spirit.

    • Bon says:

      Thanks, Carla! I love the end of your comment – priorities SHOULD nourish our minds and spirits as well as our bodies. 🙂 You’re a great example of that.

  • Lindsay @ Lindsay's List says:

    Right there with you, Bon!! I’ll join you in the no-tv thing!! We’re behind on our small group book anyways and this would be the perfect chance to catch up TOGETHER!!

  • STUFT Mama says:

    Bonnie- you are just awesome. Renewal. YES. I really like the run/life metaphor. I need to read more books, etc. for training too and have more productive thoughts throughout the day. 🙂 You’re so calming in your vlogs. 🙂

  • Lindsay says:

    yes!! my challenge is to be obedient to GODs will right now, which is to be still believe it or not. To soak up the last bit of blessed time here and to serve him with a JOYful heart. Trust me, easier said than done! Pray throughout the day, its those quiet moments where satan can attack, so lets fill them with positive sayings and prayer!

    • Bon says:

      I love this…thanks for the note and your perspective, Lindsay! What a great thought. And yes, I know how much easier it is to be active (in both mind and body) than allow (or force!) ourselves to be still and quiet. Take it all in, friend! Love you so much.

  • Whitney says:

    Renewal = awesome! You go girl 🙂 Have a good week!


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