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Double (Date) Day

Hey friends! Well, it’s a beautiful Tuesday morning here in Calgary; when the temperatures rise due to a chinook, the sunrises and sunsets are really extra incredible. I think everyone’s been welcoming the warmer weather (it’s funny that the other day my clients and I were celebrating how “warm” it was at       -18C!) and now that ALL the Langs are back (Mikey and my in-laws also returned home from a quick trip to BC yesterday), I’m a happy, warm woman. I’m also a tried one though – Mikey’s 11 pm arrival was late and he didn’t get in to Calgary until 1:15 am which meant for a post-2 am bedtime for us. Up and ready to go at 6:30 am for clients and now I’m starting to drag. However, it was so good to have him back I slept great for those 4 hours in his arms.

…alright. Enough of the mush. But absence really does make the heart grow fonder! I am so grateful for the time spent apart as I really connected with God and people and was blown away by how God blessed me (thanks for the comments on that post – they lifted me up!) and I enjoyed long runs and workouts and weird, “Bonnie-ish” meals. But it’s great to have him back and I sure just appreciate Mikey’s life. Wait – I thought we agreed the mush was over?! Winking smile

With a warm heart (ha!) and warmer weather, I chose to head outside in between clients yesterday and hit the pavement. I woke up to find a cancelled client due to sickness and laced up my shoes before I could talk myself out of it. Before I knew it I was finishing 8 morning miles that weren’t easy but were enjoyed because they were spent running the dark as people left for work and made me feel accomplished afterward. – Don’t you just love that?! –


Then I drove across the city to meet a new friend for a TRX session!


I somehow stumbled upon Corey’s blog a few days ago and loved her story (her and her husband Glen are ex-pats in Trinidad!) and then saw she was coming to Calgary. I couldn’t believe it, so I emailed her and asked if she wanted to meet up and run together as I noticed she was looking for a running buddy. She said yes, called me later, and we made some plans! She is a bit like a goddess, guys – tall, beautiful, tan (this California heart still pines for tan skin, I’ll be vain honest!), and in great shape! Corey, you absolutely ROCKED the TRX and did an awesome job executing the moves for a quick workout together! I already can’t wait to run her speed workout with her tomorrow afternoon (me? intentional speed? Time to move these little legs of mine! Winking smile). She wrote about our “blate” – a new term to me which means a “blogger date!” and sure made me smile. Open-mouthed smile Check her blog out (and congratulate her on her recent PD (personal distance) of 10 solo miles! #waytogo

After this fun session, I headed home and was waiting around until I connected with my friend Anna on Skype. It hit me that I could go for another run, and after reading about some long run recaps over the weekend and hearing about some people’s double days of two 10 milers, I thought, “Why not?!” I was out for another 8 afternoon miles.

IMG-20120123-00968 IMG-20120123-00982

Pounding the pavement.

Whew. It is hard to keep your pace and run while filming yourself – and apparently it’s also difficult to come up with a good intro. Winking smile I was really giving it here! I don’t normally run with cameras but this week ran with my phone a lot since I was alone and Mikey was gone. Sometimes the extra haul is worth it! That and my RoadID made me feel a bit safer on the road as I’m trying to be smart about running solo (it’s too easy for me to just head out the door!).

All that energy expended from yesterday’s 16 miles is catching up with me…especially after a full evening of training, watching The Bachelor (my first full sitting of that show!, let me tell you!), and then late night! Delayed flights are rough, but others helped me see the bright side:



With the Saturday 10 miles, Sunday snowshoe, Monday 16 miles and late night, I’m fully resting today – and eating up a storm! Guess the miles caught up with me so I’m going with it! Winking smile After training some clients and starting a Bible study at our church today, I LOVED coming home and seeing Mikey. Now I’m getting the house home basement prepped for small group tonight! It’s so great to be blessed by community.

Any fun meet-ups with people lately in your life?

Do you prefer to fly in the morning, during the day, or on red-eyes? I like mid-day travel to all-day travel. Not exclusively morning or night.

Got anything #FitFluential to share? A good recipe or workout? A new commitment towards your health you’ve made? Inspire me – you do all the time! Open-mouthed smile

I’ve got a fun post to share tomorrow! Stay tuned and thank you, readers and bloggers, friends and family, for supporting me on this journey to share my passion for fitness and healthy living with you guys! It really is a joy for me to share and I love the community and relationships that are made and lives that are changed along the way. Make it a great day!

Live well & be well friends,



Drink tea &, as the shirt say, “Run Happy!”

PS – Not a runner? Run but realizing how important strength training is? Short on time? Check out today’s Tuesday Trainer over on Lindsay’s blog! There’s a GREAT full body workout represented by several bloggers with a few videos from me too!

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Comments ( 18 )
  • Leigh says:

    I haven’t been on a blate for a while….wait, I met up with a blogger friend a few weekends ago. No awkward moments because you already know so much about each other! I have also met a few really great (now friends) through blogging. Blogging is a wonderful thing!

    If you ever want to go on a ‘blate’ or even a run, I am always free! 🙂

  • MassachusEATS says:

    I love reading your posts each day – you are so positive & upbeat! And a great motivator. Wish I lived nearby you so I could hire you 😉

    • Bon says:

      Oh man – would I love to train you! Plus, I need the business. 😉 Ha! Seriously though, thanks for the comment. – it really encouraged me and helps me to keep writing!

  • Lindsay @ Lindsay's List says:

    You are bada$$ for filming while running!!! I’m so impressed – I would have fallen flat on my face for sure!
    Wish I could come be your running buddy. 🙁

    • Bon says:

      Haha! Your comment 😉 Thanks, Lindsay! And you know what? I would LOVE to be your running buddy – I know you would push me! I need that 🙂

  • Allie Finch says:

    Never been on a “blate” — sounds fun to go running with a new friend.
    #FitFluential: I climbed an amazing route at the gym tonight & now I don’t want to climb anything else. 😉 It just made me realize how much I’ve missed climbing great routes, so I want to focus more of my climbing energy toward roping. I’ll still boulder, but I’m excited to lead again!

    • Bon says:

      I LOVE when you climb a fun route and for sure think it’s okay to keep climbing it while you enjoy it. 😀 I miss climbing – but I really need a climbing buddy to help get me back into it! Too bad you don’t live in Calgary, although I know there are plenty of people here who love to climb. Just need to get out and make some connections! Thanks for that encouragement. 😀

  • Lindsay says:

    Wow Bonnie, 16 miles in two separate sessions, AND TRX in one day! You rock. PS- I’m training for my first 10km race in May and then a 8km race in June (search Perth Kilt race, it’s hysterical)
    PPS- I prefer red eye flights, with kids it works because they sleep through the flight and arrive fresh and ready to go.
    PPPS- Don’t you just love TRX!? I love it

  • Corey @ Learning Patience says:

    Awesome…hardly a goddess – but thanks – you are too sweet. Excited…one hr till speed work….hopefully I dont freeze my butt off. Only you can video and running at the same time – awesome! Heading over to order my TRX now…see you soon – 2 blates in one week!!!

    xoxo from Calgary 🙂

    • Bon says:

      2 blates in one week makes for a great week! 😀 And thanks for your nice comment about the running vlog. 😉 GREAT job on the speed work today – you killed it!

  • Heather @ Better With Veggies says:

    2 runs in one day – I actually haven’t done that yet – you go girl!! Very inspiring!! Your “blate” sounds like so much fun too, I love getting to actual meet other bloggers and a workout sounds like a great way to get to know each other. Hope you are having a great night!

  • Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table says:

    So jealous you got to meet Corey – she rocks! And a little envious of that TRX session. Ever since I tried a class (thank you, Groupon) I’ve been itching to get my own set.

    • Bon says:

      Yes! We had a blast together – so thankful for that unexpected time of connection. And let me know if you want to order a TRX; I’m an affiliate for them and always know when there’s a sale/deal on!

  • Kristen says:

    I’m jealous of your rainbow shoes! I love my NBs but since I’m a AA width, they don’t ever make them in the fun colours…
    Sounds like a great day!

    • Bon says:

      haha – fun shoes, hey? My mom bought them for me to “attract potential clients”…not sure how much that has worked so far. 😉 Fun to wear though!

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