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Monday MOJO: Wintertime Edition

Morning, everyone! How’s your mojo for life today? I’m feeling pretty rested and ready for a new week today after a very relaxing weekend. Only one short workout Saturday morning and lots of bundling up due to the new cold front that moved in today! It was restful physically, mentally, and emotionally as I enjoyed some time out and some time in.

I want to get to some motivation for the day but before I get there, I invite you into my weekend…mainly because I have some cute baby pictures, and that’s always good for a Monday! Winking smile Saturday night we went out to our friend Ash’s house for his 30th birthday party for the 2nd Annual Bean Game Tournament.


Have you ever played this game? You plant beans, harvest them, and get coins. It’s made by the German game company who makes ALL the best games (Settlers, among others!) and we love it! There was a prize for the best dressed bean, but the idea of dressing up was a little last minute; Mikey and I were really the ones who dressed like a bean from the game, so we won! Our prize? A $5 Starbucks card! #score We did not, however, win the $36 pot; it was a $2 buy-in (Ash likes to gamble and loves games). Winking smile Oh well. As Mikey always says, you can’t win ‘em all!


I dressed up as the soy bean (the hippie bean!) and Mikey was the chili bean…I’m going to Starbucks tomorrow. Thumbs up

We had a blast catching up with friends and just enjoying the night laughing, trading beans, and enjoying some good snacks and food. Someone enjoyed themselves a little too much (I’m talking to YOU, Slippery Pete!)…


Nicole and Mook’s little guy is getting so big! And he’s grabbing everything he can, hence the beer bottle. The classic “baby likes beer” shot that wasn’t staged but snagged just as it was happening. Winking smile We love this family!

Before too long, I glanced at my watch and realized it was 11:45 pm and all of sudden got tired! We left after midnight and slept in until just before 9 am and had a great morning listening to good music, reading the paper, and laying low before heading out to church in the COLD. Check out this forecast!


Whoa momma. In Fahrenheit, that’s –8 down to –15 as temps throughout the week. Brrr. Alberta’s winter is back and back with a vengeance! We definitely got spoiled the last few weeks as it has been so mild; glad I got some long runs in recently! However, this throws a serious kink in my desire to run long this week and reinforces how much I want a treadmill (I know, my life is so hard Winking smile).

– – – – – – – – – –

So my question today is: how do you keep up motivation to move when it’s cold?

  • Move your workout inside. Yep – this is always an option! And to be honest, it will likely be my option this week. It’s just hard to run when, even if the temperatures are in the –20’s, the wind chill brings it down to the –30’s and –40’s (yikes!). I know Scott knows a little something about running in the cold! There’s several options here:
      • Treadmill.


      • Rowing Machine.Talk about a full body workout!
      • Elliptical.I don’t often recommend this as a great cardio option unless you’re able to really push hard. Ever notice that most people on a treadmill are watching TV/listening to music if they’re running, but if you’re “running” on an elliptical people are often browsing magazines? And when was the last time your heart rate was really pounding on an elliptical? It can be done, but it’s harder to get as good of a workout (unless you’re pushing purposefully!) because you’re aided more by the machine than on a treadmill.
      • Stationary Bike. I’ve tried spin classes before when I worked at a gym. Man oh man are those tough! A great cardio option, that’s for sure. If you’re on your own going at a steady pace, remember that 3 miles of biking is equal to 1 mile of running, so be prepared to push the pace, vary the resistance, or go longer for the same benefit.
  • Pick up your Jump Rope and jump! This is a great cardio replacement if you don’t have a treadmill, bike, or access to a gym like me. It works your heart, shoulders and abs intensely and gives your body a different type of cardio challenge. Still not convinced about jumping rope? Hear this: jumping rope for 6 minutes is equivalent to running for 30 minutes! The benefits are amazing and well worth the practice of teaching yourself how to jump like you did when you were a kid again. Winking smile Don’t be discouraged; it’s not easy, you will catch your feet at first, and you may get frustrated. But you WILL get better at it. Try setting a timer (GymBoss, timer online, timer on your phone, egg timer!) and jumping for 10 sec then resting for 10 sec. Repeat 10 times to start. Pretty soon you’ll be able to increase your jumping time while keeping your rest at 10 sec, and before you know it you’ll be jumping for 50 sec, resting for 10, and repeating! Channel your inner boxer and jump!


  • Crank up the tunes! Have you ever heard of FitRadio? If you’re in need of some tunes to motivate you and keep you moving, then head to the site, sign up for free, build your playlists, and get moving! It’s a great online music resource with great fitness tips too!
  • Add cardio bursts to your strength training. This is something you can do to not only add variety to your workouts but to tax your cardiovascular system while lifting weights/performing body weight exercises. In between sets of push ups, lat pull downs, squat press ups, you can:


…The list goes on and on! In fact, make sure you head over to Lindsay’s blog tomorrow to check out this week’s edition of Tuesday Trainer – it’s all about heart rate boosters!

  • Layer up & head outside. As long as you’re properly equipped, you can still head out and get a good workout in. Check out an older post of mine about how to layer for winter running. If you want to hear more layers than you can run in, there are plenty of winter activities to try that will again challenge your muscles differently. Check out Heather’s post today on the FitFluential blog for more thoughts on that!


  • How about a handstand? It’ll get your heart rate up!

…I also just wanted to share my handstand video as part of the FitFluential Handstand Challenge! Winking smile

Need some more motivation? Check out some of my Pinterest boards – I’m new to the game and still learning the ropes but would love your follow and will follow back!

What do you do when it comes to cold weather? Tough it out in the cold, take your workout inside, or change activities like turn to swimming? It’s always great to hear others tips and thoughts from people who do things differently!

I’m off to squeeze in my own workout before the afternoon gets away from me and before my evening clients. Make it a great Monday, everyone – find that MOJO and run with it!


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  • Heather @ Better With Veggies says:

    Your temps always make our Atlanta temps sound warm – dang! I don’t ever really have an excuse to stay inside, it doesn’t really get cold enough that putting on a few layers won’t help. It’s generally that first mile that is hard – than it feels good.

    Now I’m off to get a little yoga in before bed!

  • Nicole @ Sugar Coated Sisters says:

    So I just downloaded FitRadio and I LOVE IT! I’ve been sticking to a playlist of really obnoxious/fast-paced electronic music and I swear I cannot listen to any of those songs ever again for the rest of my life. I tried out FitRadio and am so impressed already 🙂 Thanks for the heads-up!

    Being from California, I rarely have to worry about “cold” workouts. Well, I might think they are cold, but other people don’t! I tend to layer up when it is cold (50 F) and make sure my ears are covered. Cold weather headaches are the worst.

    • Bon says:

      Thanks for the note, Nicole! Isn’t FitRadio awesome? Glad you’re loving it. 🙂 And whether it’s that “cold” or not, I love your tip – I HAVE to keep my ears covered or else a run is miserable!

  • Kris | says:

    Brrrrrr!!!!!!! I don’t know if I could handle weather that freezing!!

    Ahhh I love the workouts and I love cranking my tunes too!! Loud and with hard beats!!


  • Breakfast of Champions | Sugar Coated Sisters says:

    […] didn’t want to stop.  I pedaled away while reading blogs and listening to the FitRadio app (Bonnie‘s suggestion!), and somehow kept myself entertained for 60 minutes.  So I ran afterwards. […]

  • Sabrina @ Radioactive Runner says:

    Oh my goodness, what a change in temperature eh.. that’s crazy!! Crazy COLD! I feel like it seems extra cold because we were spoiled with nicer weather for so long. That or else I’m just a baby haha.
    I took my run inside today and went to the gym. It was too chilly and veryy windy.
    You’re right .. you can never go wrong with baby pictures. What a cutie!!

    • Bon says:

      No, I think you’re right, Sabrina – I definitely think we’ve been spoiled for sure! It’s still really cold, but this weekend it’s supposed to get to +2!! Which means I’ll be suntanning outside. 😉 lol!

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