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Committing to Health – A Daily Activity

Hey there…Happy Thursday to you guys! I hope your day has started out in a healthy and happy way. Mine began with a longer-than-usual sleep-in; I’m still not in my regular pattern as some of my clients are just getting back this week from holidays or are sick. I feel a little off-kilter to have such lackadaisical days after the holidays, but I’m trying to be productive around the house, keep reading my Bible, and stay consistent with hard workouts to welcome the New Year without feeling guilty about the extra time on my hands.

Speaking of staying consistent, I rocked it during Christmas. I mean, really rocked it! I only ate what I really wanted and felt like, didn’t overdo it on the traditional meals or cookies, and kept up with my workouts. It felt great going into January not feeling like I needed to overhaul my lifestyle! However, the past few days have been a little different. We’ve invited some people over so I got back to making desserts (“healthy,” but still dessert foods!) and last night found some frozen cookie bites that I couldn’t stop munching on, even after our guests said they’d given my sugar for a week to a month. I went to bed feeling less full of the good stuff (protein, vegetables, water) and more full of the bad (sugar, carbs). I might have made it through the holidays, but some bad habits have caught up with me recently!

I made a conscious effort before bed to reign in my emotions and focus on what I can do with this tweet:


The twitter community is so encouraging and uplifting! I was shocked to get so many responses just before I hit the hay:



It made me smile to see the kind words and inspired me to take it one day at a time; we all have our slip up moments or times when we’re not eating or moving like we want to, but I was reminded that it’s a daily commitment to live a healthy life. You don’t work on it until you achieve a certain weight or until you see some definition, you stick with this lifestyle for the! Because the truth is, you can work out until you’re blue in the face, doing 1, 2, 3 workouts a day, but if you’re not eating well you will not see the change you want. The two go hand-in-hand. Similarly, if you’re eating well but not moving much, you’re not keeping your heart healthy and missing out on strengthening your bones and sculpting muscle, which burns more at rest than fat, even if you’re already thin. We must keep up with the commitment daily and recommit if we get off track, keeping that bigger perspective in mind.


It’s interesting this was on my mind as I went to bed and then woke up, because when I opened up my “I Am Second” video for the day 4 of the challenge, the video that popped up was from Michelle Aguilar, a winner of The Biggest Loser. Check out here video HERE, which centers on her relationship with food (and her mom). Her video and message and the challenge for the day was to:

Make today a day of health. Eat three healthy meals today. No snacks, no skipping, no seconds. Be healthy.

It’s a reminder we could all use every day, whether our goals are big or small, whether we’re “where we want to be” or no where close to it. Don’t sabotage yourself along the way, make excuses, talk down to yourself, or belittle your achievements. Instead, celebrate each little step, set small goals for your day, bring others along for the ride, and

– – – – – – – – – –

In other news…

  • I wanted to thank God for 2 new clients this morning! Two sisters who phoned me up who I can’t wait to start training on Monday! I am thankful for the work and praise Him for providing for my needs yet again. Open-mouthed smile
  • I went for a run yesterday! I headed out for an out-and-back run before a skype call with a good friend (hey Cora!) and fought with some crazy weather the whole time. However, I was glad I went and, although it was icy underfoot, was happy to bring one of my favorite cardio activities back!
  • The weather has been nuts here! Warm and super gusty. My run yesterday had me doubled over, arms pumping, head down in blasting high winds. I heard on the news that the winds were up to 100 km in Alberta and while they started out around 8 km/hour, they were reaching 80 km/hour by the time I went for my run around 2 pm. Sadly, fires have broken out in Southern Alberta and Northern Montana and have spread so quickly because of the winds, and chunks of downtown Calgary and surrounding highways were closed yesterday because of semis flipping over and construction materials blowing around. Crazy, weird weather this December! This isn’t the first time we’ve experienced this wind in the last few months and been told to stay away from the windows, and we broke records for the warmest January! It looks pretty calm out now, the weather is still warm, so I’m going to head out and make run #2 of 2012 happen!



Any “in other news” tidbits to share?! Is the weather crazy where you’re at or typical for January?

And what do you think about a daily commitment to exercise and health?

Live well & be well today, friends! I’m out to run,


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  • Tara Burner says:

    weather totally crazy right now….32-45 in South Florida…
    I need 78-90 again!
    I’m frrreeezing!

    and it is a daily commitment…but that’s the ‘best’ way to look at it…taking one day at a time…getting through each day 🙂

    • Bon says:

      78 – 90, Tara?! If that’s sometimes your winter I’m a little jealous… 😉 Good thing I like to ski! Here’s to warmer weather for you down there. 😀

  • Heather @ Better With Veggies says:

    I love the reminder about a daily commitment – not letting it get so big that it seems overwhelming. I also love your honest comment about exercise & food. “Because the truth is, you can work out until you’re blue in the face, doing 1, 2, 3 workouts a day, but if you’re not eating well you will not see the change you want.” That’s so true and I am living proof of that. Not that I’m in bad shape by any means, but I am always a little short of where I’d like to be and I know it’s because I cheat more when I train more. Ironman training included a LOT of food – and not always the healthiest choices. It’s time to change that…one day at a time! 😉

    • Bon says:

      Thanks for the insightful comment, Heather! It’s so hard to be so active and not quite get your eating to the clean level or tight level you want it to be for best results – I definitely know what you mean by that. Still healthy and strong but not where you could be. One day maybe I’ll really clean things up to see what’s possible! But I’m also happy with the balance, just not overdoing it on one side or the other (like I did w/the cookies last night!). 😉 But you’re right – one day, one choice at a time!

  • Lindsay @ Lindsay's List says:

    That lady says “no snacking” ?!?! I’d die!

    • Bon says:

      Haha Me too! But I’m looking at it not from a nutritionist’s standpoint – it’s a very general challenge for the day – and have tweaked it to mean: “No mindless snacking.” – thoughtful, clean snacks are ALL good in my book!

  • Tasha @ Dine & Dash says:

    I appreciate your honesty Bonnnie. It’s so refreshing to see that in the blog world. We aren’t health robots, we’re real people. & I love having twitter, because you guys are an awesome support throughout the day 🙂

    • Bon says:

      Thanks, Tasha! It’s good to get things out there with an honest post, isn’t it? And I’m the same – the twitter community is great for support and accountability!

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  • Sabrina @ Radioactive Runner says:

    I love “You don’t work on it until you achieve a certain weight or until you see some definition, you stick with this lifestyle for the!” Cheers to that! I am going to really try and remember that because every word of it is so true. I love your honesty. It’s just a matter of finding that balance, right.. and sometimes it’s easier said than done. I think a daily commitment to exercise and healthy is so important because it really does effects every other aspect of our lives on a daily basis.

    • Bon says:

      So true, Sabrina – finding a balance IS easier said than done! Keep it up daily – it’s the little things for me, not the huge accomplishments, that keep me going!

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