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 Hello everyone! Last week I posted about motivation in the form of inspiring photos and shared a few of my personal reasons to be fit. I was so glad that many of YOU wanted in on sharing with others why you choose to be fit and what photos represent you being “hardcore.” And make sure you read through the end to hear about a possible second feature for those of you who missed and watch a short new film I want to showcase for equally inspiring reasons… Thanks to those of you who submitted your reasons – you’re all inspirational!

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Reader Emily says: Whenever I feel like I am in a slump, running wise, I put this picture up as my background on my computer. Reminds me to keep strong, and push harder to stay fit!


Kate (who ran through the Calgary snow last year but is in Dubai with her husband for a few years now) says:

It feels dang good. I love the pain, I love the sweat, I love the effort, I love the reward. I know that the long term benefits are great. I lost my mom to breast cancer when I was 22 (she was 50). I will do my best to help my body fight off anything that comes my way. I know that being active and eating well goes a long way.



Lindsay (with her husband James in New Zealand), says her photos represent being hardcore because:

We decided to let the paths be our guide, no map! The one with me panting and sweaty is after a run in 100F. Ya crazy!

The reason why I want to be fit, simple.  I want to be fit in order to cherish God’s gift to us; our bodies, our abilities, our health.


Alexandra teaching above, who says, One of the reasons I like to stay fit is for all the energy it gives me. I can keep up with my kids, get more things done in my day, have a positive attitude, and teach my classes at the university to students who are 30 years younger than I!


Lindsay, from her recent triathlon (10 mile bike, 5km run, 2 mile kayak), says, My reason to be fit is because I think it’s a privilege.  God has blessed me with the ability to MOVE; to jump, to run, to squat.  If I didn’t get up and move everyday, I’d feel as though I wasn’t using His gifts and blessings!  I’m fit, I exercise, because I CAN!

Make sure you check out hers and others’ recent inspirational moves here!


Heather finishing an Ironman in Austria (!) includes her reasons to be fit:

It makes me feel strong. The feeling of crossing the finish line is amazing! I want be the 80 year old chick still racing (the ones who inspire me!), and it’s a great way to get outside and enjoy God’s creation.

med ball push up

The always-inspiring Tina (from her new website!) says, I love finding new ways to challenge my body. Strength training was my first love in fitness and remains a solid part of my workouts. Fitness to me helps me love myself more for what I can do…instead of how I look. It shows me my strengths and empowers me.


I say: This picture represents an element of being hardcore to me and shows one of my reasons to be fit: for freedom in life to live it to the fullest! The more fit I am and the better I treat my body, the more free I am to enjoy it in every way.

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Thanks to all who submitted a photo! Of course there are others – readers, bloggers, friends, strangers, all everyday athletes – who continue to live well and inspire others! Perhaps if there’s further interest I’ll do a round II! Open-mouthed smile

To end this post, I wanted to share some more inspiration in the form of moving pictures. Our most recent film, in conjunction with Hands On Films (footage, editing) and Travis Gobeil (website), is finished and ready for the public! Please help us spread the word to any and everyone, especially those who have had or currently have cancer, but we hope the idea behind this short film can inspire everyone! Click on the film title to watch: Ebb & Flow: Storytelling for Cancer Survivors.


We’d appreciate if you shared the link on any social networking site (share it on your blog, twitter, FB) and help us spread the word! Sharing stories is so important; thanks for being a part of ours!

…have anything inspirational to share? Please do so! Want to be a part of another motivational photo post? Let me know! Have a great rest of your week and I’ll catch ya on the flip side. 😉  Live well & be well friends,



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