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Thanksgiving by the Hours…

Hello and happy (belated) Thanksgiving to all my American readers! Happy Friday to everyone else – either way it’s a good day to celebrate. Winking smile Although I didn’t think I’d get much of a US Thanksgiving celebration in, our friends invited us over for dinner with 4 other Americans and I was looking forward to the festivities all day yesterday! But some other things had to happen first, so let me break it down for ya’ll (practicing my “American accent”):

7:30 am: Woke up to a beautiful snow after a few warm days that melted away the white stuff! It was peaceful, cool, but not cold out, and at 8:15 am I walked next door for a training session with a new client.


9:00 am: The baking begins! We had offered to bring a big salad for an American Thanksgiving meal with friends, and to round out the healthiness I decided to bring Jessica’s Pumpkin Brownies too! I got to baking and alternated between the brownies (a bake, cool, bake routine) and baking batches of granola as gifts. I noticed Janetha was making these too, and she mentioned that she always goes Jessica’s site when it comes to desserts, and I could not agree more! They are easy-to-make, crowd-leasing desserts.


12:30 pm: I finally left the baking behind and took to the fresh, snowy trails for a 10 mile run. After reading about many others’ races and fun Turkey Trots, I decided I’d do my own run on Thanksgiving Day and was hoping to get some mileage in before the day got away from me. The weather was beautiful, I was WAY too coordinated (crazy purple, blue, and white running tights with my purple shoes and purple shirt! ahh!), and finally felt my body warm up and got into a rhythm around mile 3. I reached my 5 mile turn-around point and on the way back battled knee pain for most of the way home. I’m not sure if I’ve been running in my shoes that aren’t great for me or what, but it hindered my pace when the rest of my body felt great – so frustrating on a run! Happens to the best of us. It didn’t deter me from a big post-run jump though (and seemingly broken leg). Winking smile


2:45 pm: I was home, showered, and in the car to run some errands and stopped at the mailbox before leaving the neighborhood. Guess what arrived for me on Thanksgiving Day?!


My GU package that I won from Lindsay (plus two Picky Bars…I ate one on the spot for some post-run recovery and fuel!). Thanks so much, friend! Open-mouthed smile Made my day so special!

6:15 pm: Mikey and I gathered our goods and headed out to our friend’s Amy and Aaron’s house to share a meal! We were so looking forward to time with our friends whom we hadn’t seen for a while and to everyone’s cooking, especially Aaron’s – he is a gourmet (unofficial) chef! It was a surf n’ turf Thanksgiving with crab as part of the main menu – so fun and different. Thumbs up


The meal began with borscht – beets, carrots, and real, natural sausage from the Missing Link. It.was.delicious! Some sour cream and dill to top it off and it was a very pleasant way to begin a meal.


From here we moved onto the main course: turkey with bacon baked on top, gravy, cranberries, cheesy potatoes, mini squash, mushroom rice pilaf, and my cranberry goat cheese+sunflower seed+spinach & broccoli slaw salad.


Delicious turkey & bacon + crab!


Mini squash, red wine & home-made brews, and a table of 12!

Together we laughed, cracked crab, shared stories, caught up on life, and noted what we were thankful for around the table. It was great to see friends with whom we have more of a history with (since university days!) and to hear all the new updates (married friends, pregnancies – like Neil and Erin, who’s in the middle below! – and jobs). I especially loved time with these ladies!


Sarah, Ashley, Erin (+ 1!), me, & hostess Amy

…we are blessed and thankful for good friends in Calgary this year! And of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I’m proud to be an American! Winking smile


9:00 pm: We left our friends and went to support another friend, Alyson, who was putting on a fundraiser for the Alberta Cancer Foundation called “brain matters.” She has brain cancer and continues to live her life surrounded by a great support team, beaming through the difficulties, and inspiring people everywhere in all she does. Although we got there late, we stayed for a while, heard a few great talks, walked around the silent auctions, and got to see several fun friends and hug them in such an intimate, important setting at a restaurant downtown. Bittersweet to see Alyson and her partner Jared as she is on chemo indefinitely, and yet so right to be thankful, to celebrate life, to focus on people on this day of the year.

11:15 pm: We arrived home and crashed, knowing we’d have an early day in the morning. And early we did! We were at the cancer centre by 8 am to set up for a day of presentations (for Mikey) and manning a booth (for me) for the 30th Anniversary of the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. It’s an amazing facility with great staff (some of whom we saw the night before at Alyson’s shindig!) and good patient care, and we spent the day there connecting and networking with others. Tomorrow we’re going back and will be interacting with more patients as the public can walk through all the displays throughout the day. The only funny tidbit of that time (the rest was just pure positive, and Mikey’s multiple talks went great!)? The morning food choice; you wouldn’t believe how many people were eating this as their breakfast!


…Doctors are a funny bunch. Winking smile

It was a great, early start to the weekend and I am so thankful for friends in Calgary, family with whom we could chat yesterday all gathered in Oregon, the chance to run in the beautiful snow under sunny skies and enjoy it, and for the new mercies I experience daily because of God’s grace. I’m loving catching up on other bloggers’ Thanksgiving festivities, but tell me:

If you’re not a blogger and I haven’t already read about it, how was your Thanksgiving?

If you’re Canadian and didn’t celebrate, did you partake in Black Friday craziness? What’s on the agenda for your weekend?

For anyone: tell me something you’re thankful for – the weather today, a good conversation over coffee with a friend, your family, the career you’re in…I’d love to hear about it!

With that, although I’m exhausted for some reason, I’m going to bang out this BodyRock workout before going out to the movies with Mikey! Then we’re back at the hospital for more fun and a long day tomorrow. Have a great weekend, you guys! Keep moving, eating well, loving others and enjoying life.



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