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Christmas Gifts for the Fit at Heart

Hey everyone!

It’s that time again: when many of us start to think about gift giving and Christmas shopping. In fact, I was talking to a client yesterday (after she rocked a very hard workout!) and we were debating whether or not both of us would go out in the afternoon to hit the malls and begin the process. It’s hard to imagine that it’s that time already, because typically we never started gearing up for Christmas until after Thanksgiving growing up in CA, but as I now celebrate (Canadian) Thanksgiving in October, it seems like Christmas has been HERE for a while already! And with this coming Black Friday as the day that marks “open season” on Christmas goods, I thought this was good a week as any to put together a wish list for the fit-minded person in your life.


  • Running accessories. Gloves, a running toque, or a fun headband (that actually stays put and works!) are great gifts for family or friends who like to run. Family reading this: sure wouldn’t mind some compression leg sleeves or arm sleeves from Zensah! Winking smile


  • A subscription to a running magazine. Runner’s World and Running Times are great choices for someone who loves to read and get inspired about running.
  • A new running book. As someone who desperately wants to be a reader, I have to say that I could not put the book, “Born to Run” down! It will make you want to run if you’re not a runner and will fuel your fire if you already are one! It truly inspired and encouraged me to run hard and take a look at barefoot running through a different lens than just a trend. Highly recommended (check out my post about the book here).


  • A GPS watch. The Garmin 405 is great example of a watch that does it all, tracking your location, distance, pace, splits, overall time, and has extra features that the tech-savvy runner will love!

Fitness Fanatics:

  • A TRX. This versatile tool leans you out like nothing else will because it uses all bodyweight for each move and highlights core stability in every exercise you do. Perfect for traveling and mixing up your traditional workouts. Take this portable workout tool with you everywhere and “make your body your machine!”

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Deal going on now! Click through my link – the photo – for more details!

  • A GymBoss. A small but effective tool that will certainly take your workouts to the next level! You can set it to beep at certain periods of time, signalling a change in exercises so that you don’t have to look at your watch (for 30 seconds of movement, 10 seconds of rest, for example, repeated for a few rounds).


  • Sandbag. Ever feel like you’re limited in your home workouts because you don’t have a full set of free weights or the gym to go with it? All you need is a sandbag! You can do so much with this fitness tool and I guarantee you will get an interesting, full body workout in with it. I think I’m getting this one for Christmas from my mom – or one similar (it’s what Zuzanna uses in her BodyRock workouts if you follow those online).
  • Kettlebell. I love this tool because it works your entire body while getting you out of breath (best bang for your buck workout-wise! Strength and cardio training in one). I use the X Bag for myself and clients so that I only had to purchase 1 size (I own 2) so that I wouldn’t need multiple weights. The main drawback, however? You can’t raise it fully over your head because it’s sand and not stiff metal. Still a great tool! (Click here for a fun, quick, total body kettlebell workout!).


Other fun gifts? Tubes of Nuun (electrolyte-enhanced flavored drink tabs to add to your water for optimal hydration!), a good pair of athletic socks (so needed, but who wants to spend money on them?), and The Stick (for self-massage of sore muscles) make great stocking stuffers!

Those are just a few examples of my favorite fitness products that someone else in your life might enjoy too! Another great gift is the gift of health and fitness through some sessions with a personal trainer. If you’re in the Calgary area, please connect with me – I’d love to train you, you and a friend/spouse/family member, or do a bootcamp with a few people! Feel free to email me at – see my contact page and personal training page for more details.

Something that struck me as I was typing up this post is how easy it is to want and how difficult it is to say thank you. With (American) Thanksgiving just around the corner and the gift giving of Christmas coming up fast, I need to remember to be thankful. To find the good in every day, to open my eyes to the riches I already have, and to take the time to say thanks to people in my life and to God. I read this in a devotional book this morning and it drove the point home to my heart:

It is impossible to spend too much time thanking and praising me. I created you first and foremost to glorify Me. Thanksgiving and praise put you in proper relationship with Me, opening the way for My riches to flow into you. As you thank Me for My Presence and Peace, you appropriate My richest gifts.

Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that openly profess his name. – Hebrews 13:15

With that in mind, What are you thankful for today? I am thankful for God’s presence and peace, for a warm wind outside today, and for a body that is strong and capable! What’s on your wish list? It’s always fun to hear about what people want because it gives insight into who they are!

Have a great day and if you’re in need of a stellar workout, check out today’s Tuesday Trainer from Lindsay – it’s all about ketllebells, baby!

Live well & be well today,


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