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Baking + Burpees: the perfect combo

Hey all, and happy weekend! …What are you up to over the next few days? We’re taking it easy, staying in, and enjoying being productive from inside the house over what looks like a few coooold days out. That means a few indoor workouts for me and some cuddling up by the fire! Mikey took his parents to the airport this morning (they’re cruisin’ to Hawaii – luck-outs!) and then went off to a “man brunch” with a friend, which means lots of eggs, bacon, and potatoes plus a hot tub soak. Not a bad way to start a Saturday off! I’ve really enjoyed a slow wake up, a drawn out breakfast (went savory then sweet!), slow sips of coffee, and some heart-refreshing Bible reading. It’s really been the perfect morning. Next on my agenda? I think I’m going to do a hard workout followed by something girly while Mikey’s out, like paint my nails and read a magazine…no, really! Sounds good to me. Flirt female

Yesterday I was in the mood to bake. For whatever reason I had no clients on my schedule for the day, and combined with the cold day outside it felt like a perfect day to stay in and get busy…in the kitchen! Winking smile


I started off crafting Jessica’s Twice as Nice Peanut Butter Stuffed Hot Fudge Cupcakes for a friend’s birthday – I missed it earlier this week and knows he loves these two ingredients so I whipped up a batch. I cannot frost cupcakes for the life of me (instead I smear the frosting to cover the top), but from the batter and frosting I sampled, they tasted better than they looked. Winking smile I stored the cupcakes to be delivered later in the afternoon and got to work on project #2 in the kitchen: homemade blizzards!

My mother-in-law loves Peanut Buster Parfaits from Dairy Queen, so I decided to browse through some of Angela’s recipes to find something similar. I settled on her Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch Blizzard. I got started on the first part of this delicious recipe: blending the ingredients together to be made into tasty, crunchy dough, shaped into balls, and placed in the freezer.


Just before dessert time, I put some vanilla ice cream and several of these frozen balls into our blender and went to town. Minutes later I had a blender-full of blizzard-like ice cream, only “healthified!” We invited my in-laws down for dessert to celebrate my mother-in-law’s (early) 61st birthday and enjoyed an evening together. I think the ice cream was a real hit!


We really appreciate Mikey’s parents for their support, guidance, and encouragement, and spent the night praying for life direction and wisdom from God. I love how spontaneous conversations and topics can be brought up randomly right when you need it – and often when you didn’t even know you needed it. The best part though? Wearing those hats while having deep conversations. I couldn’t help but bust out in laughter in the middle of the conversation because it would hit me that we were talking about life with these little mini party hats on! I loved that. Open-mouthed smile

– – – – – – – – – –

I mentioned the other day that I’d share the bootcamp workout I lead last Monday, and the weekend is a great time to get some extra movement in, so here it is! Take advantage of those cold days and move inside a little this weekend. It’s adapted from Lindsay’s great burpee workout from last week; thanks for the inspiration, friend!

Bodyweight Bootcamp, Baby!

  • Warm Up – 3-5 minutes
  • 3 Rounds! Each round is 30 sec of work, 10 sec of rest; repeat 6 times through:
    • Round I: Air Squats + Push Ups (squat down, stand up fast through toes, almost lifting off the ground but not quite. Make these fast & furious!)
    • Round II: 2 Jump Lunges into 2 Mtn Climbers + Plank
    • Round II: Dancing Crab + Floor Jacks (link shows photo example; for second exercise, start in plank on elbows and jump legs in and out)
  • Burpee Countdown:
    • 10 Side-to-side Burpees (w/push up)
    • 10 Forward Lunges
    • 9 Burpees (w/push up)
    • 9 Mtn Climbers
    • 8 Side-to-side Burpees (w/push up)
    • 8 Side Lunges
    • 7 Burpees (w/push up)
    • 7 Sumo Squat Knee Ups per leg (14 total)
    • 6 Side-to-side Burpees (NO push up)
    • 6 Wide Push Ups
    • 5 Burpees (w/push up)
    • 5 Wide Plank Hops (jump legs back and forth, legs out wide, in plank position)
    • 4 Side-to-side Burpees (w/push up)
    • 1 min. Russian twists
    • 3 Burpees (w/push up)
    • 1 min. leg lowers
    • 2 Side-to-side Burpees (w/push up)
    • 1 min. Low Jacks
    • 1 LAST BURPEE!



Mega burpees, man. I’m really LOVING high intensity workouts these days. I love what it does to my heart rate, how it leaves me worn out, and the results I’m seeing. Plus, it takes only a moment of your day! Just can’t beat it. Open-mouthed smile Let me know if you give this workout a shot! It’s a little long but FUN…at least it was with a group of people to hep motivate and complain cheer on each other! Winking smile

Have a great weekend, guys! I’m off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday…indoors. Live well & be well,


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  • Lindsay says:

    dont you just want to fall on the floor after that last burpee? haha. Great workout friend. Now i just need some of those goodies!

  • Lindsay @ Lindsay's List says:

    Printing this one off..I’m stinking doing it!!
    I’m going to send you an email soon btw.

  • marilyn chalmers says:

    Home made hot fudge, peanut butter frosting, cup cakes AND a burpee workout? Hey that can only mean one thing…YOU ARE A BALANCED PERSON!
    Going to try that great burpee workout with my gang on Monday! I’ve been loving your workouts these days Bon…and if my clients grumble too much about them…I just say, “Hey it’s a Bonnie workout…blame her”!

    Love you,

  • Sabrina @ Radioactive Runner says:

    you’re such a good friend, Bonnie! Those cupcakes are dangerously good lol. I’ve made them before too but the icing for me was a huge fail. That burpee countdown looks killer… oh my!!! A killer workout.. I bet your clients were happy when that was over lol. Thank you for sharing!

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