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Winter Time + Friends & Food

Brr…it is a chilly, blustery night out, full of flurries falling from the sky and the reminder that I need to start wearing more clothes – winter is officially here! Fall sure was nice when it lasted, especially with visits to California, unusually warm weather in Ottawa, and the warmth of the Austin air. So, I really can’t complain. Plus, it’s fun to see the seasons change and we’re getting pretty pumped for skiing, so bring it on, winter! Storm cloud

Speaking of our trip away, after returning home on Saturday night, Mikey and I were picked up from the airport by our good friend Jon and his girlfriend Suzi. Mikey and Jon have now known each other for a decade (crazy!) and he has been a constant encourager and supporter to us both. It was great to meet his girlfriend, catch up on life as he’s currently visiting from Bellingham, Washington (the most beautiful, hipster city in the Pacific Northwest!), and spend some time praying and laughing together.


Thanks for driving all the way down for the visit, friends! Thumbs up SO good to be together.

After staying up late and chatting with them, we hit the hay and finally slept GREAT – there’s nothing like your own bed, you know? – and drove off to church in the morning. It was so good to be back in that familiar, positive, and uplifting community again and we came back right in time for a new sermon series. It’s all about what Jesus said about riches, and this week’s sermon was about the grip of riches on our lives based on Matthew 19. It was really interesting because we find ourselves living in a very wealthy city and our issue isn’t so much battling the competitive, greedy aspect of having more but rather battling the desire to be “on par” with others. We don’t want a second house, we want a single house (or apartment!); we don’t desire a fancy car for fun but instead a dependable one to replace our failing Toyota Corolla; we aren’t looking to spend and have a disposable income but instead be able to help my parents with my school loan and simply be able to save some. That sounds noble and like we’re not affected by the grip of riches, but we do fight that desire to have enough, when in reality ALL our needs are met, most of our wants are met, and we are indeed rich in every sense of the word in this world. It was a good reminder as we’re settling back in to work to continue to be faithful in our jobs and yet to keep our priorities in balance. The main thing we walked away with? The challenge to BE GENEROUS. …so please, do the same as we’re doing and take an opportunity to be generous to someone this week – and then tell me about it! Open-mouthed smile

After church we’d hope to connect with some friends but people were busy or not there. We did track down one of our friends, Otis, and met him out for lunch at Mucho Burrito. I got a burrito without the burrito in soup, basically – I love this option! So filling and delicious with no added ingredients and perfect for a cold day.


Otis is an awesome guy – a pilot with a huge heart for serving other people and a guy who’s just a blast to be around. Thanks for joining us for lunch, O-Town!

Isn’t it great to have solid people in your life? I’m really thankful for them, and I’m thankful for readers like YOU who continue to encourage me! I know from meeting some of you in real life that you truly are friends, and I consider everyone who reads a friend in my life! Hopefully I’ll be making more friends in the fitness community, because I’m adding something new to my work routine: looks like I’m joining a mobile fitness company as a personal trainer! I’m excited for new clients, the opportunity to work with a team again, and the chance to still be solo and train people in their homes. I’m also taking on some bootcamps and have to say: it’s about time! Winking smile I have a feeling I’m going to LOVE them and am teaching one tonight. [Edited to add: it was awesome! Right in the hallways of a downtown company – small, spunky, a great night.] I’ll definitely share some of the moves I’ve mish-mashed together and am looking forward to this neat opportunity as I weigh the pros and cons to joining with this company. At this point, I’m thinking I’ll continue taking the opportunities and give it a shot until my mind is fully made up. Grateful for the extra work, though, and will be looking at several new clients plus 5 bootcamp classes a week!

Some highlights in photos since Monday:

I came out of a good morning in Starbucks to see this:

IMG-20111114-00572_thumb[1] –> IMG-20111114-00575_thumb[1]

SNOW! …lots of it! White-outs around the city but luckily this blew over pretty quickly. Note to self: get winter tires on car. Fast.


Pre-bootcamp: nervous smile. Post-bootcamp: excited smile! (and major camera flash!) Winking smile

After my session I met up with Mikey from work at our friends Craig and Mandi’s place – it was a LONG awaited reunion. We LOVE these two and don’t see them enough, but every time we hang out it’s always a blast.


Good friends, good food, good conversation, angel food cake + strawbs + vanilla yogurt and a game of “Snorta”? That’s a quality Monday night right there, my friends.


I asked everyone to pick the animal that most represented them, but everyone just laughed at me and refused. Craig said with my hair I looked like the rooster, so of course I posed away, feeling totally comfortable with the self-portrait in front of others. Winking smile

After a fun night last night, today proved to be a bit of a catch up day after our trip away. I walked next door for a client (the BEST commute ever!) and had a great morning workout with her, came back for my own great workout, and did loads of laundry. It feels good to get caught up and organized post-trip – I SO appreciate the feeling of a clean space. Before getting ready for our small group I ran out to the store for a few things.

IMG-20111115-00586_thumb[4] IMG-20111115-00587_thumb[2]

Driving along after some errands on a cold, gray day (in which there were more flurries)…note to self: get winter tires on car. Stat!

…and then did some handstands. I just felt like handstanding it up everywhere…so I did! It was a blast.


Tuesday night signifies the tradition of Fat Tuesday. It was great to be with the group again and just connect about life. I think everyone needed a chill out night after good food so that’s mainly what we did!


Mook’s “Fat Tuesday” cheeks + Mikey’s almost-over-the-shoulder pose + a many smiles = one good looking group! Winking smile

For our contribution, I made Jessica’s Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie, and it did not disappoint! YUM. But the real star of the night? Nicole’s Moroccan Stew…delicious, healthy, and I must get the recipe soon! Definitely worth sharing and perfect for a cold night out.


…you better believe I kept it balanced with a Kombucha on the side. Winking smile

Well, I think that’s about enough photos, winky faces, and randomness for one post, so tell me…what’s something random about your day?! I always love to hear what’s going on with YOU!

Have a great rest of your week ahead…I’ll be back with my bootcamp from Monday night and a short video for you. Live well & be well friends,


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  • marilyn chalmers says:

    Hey Bon Bon…sure looks cold up there in Gordon Lightfoot country…glad you are just embracing it…turn on some of his tunes…always about cold winter nights and romance! Sounds like you are busy…love how you keep connecting with people…that’s what makes life great!
    Think I’ll go do some handstands too!

  • Lindsay @ Lindsay's List says:

    I’ve made Jessica’s pie before – it’s AMAZING! I ate half of it by myself! 😉

    Loved this: “when in reality ALL our needs are met, most of our wants are met, and we are indeed rich in every sense of the word in this world”
    Feel the same way – WE ARE RICH!! Compared to 98% or the world, you and I are rich! God cares for us far more than the sparrows and the lilies…how can we complain?

  • Sabrina @ Radioactive Runner says:

    Ahh, winter really is upon you!! Thankfully the snow has held off here for now..(knock on wood). That’s exciting about being part of a mobile fitness company! I hope it works out for you, Bonnie, and that it’s everything you are hoping. I can’t wait to hear about your bootcamp classes.. I think you would be a wicked instructor.
    I too am sooo thankful for the solid people I have in my life. This wknd at home was a great reminder of how greatful and blessed I truly am to have them. Something random about my day? I have all the laundry done and folded already and it’s still early lol normally, I do it at night for some reason. xoxo

    • Bon says:

      Hey Sabrina! Thanks for the note and the encouragement about work! You’re the best – you keep me smiling! Glad your weekend was good, and way to go on all that laundry! 😉

  • Allie Finch says:

    I love how positive your blog is & appreciate sharing your thoughts on “richness”. It’s important to stay mindful & compassionate even when we are trying to live a simple life. Can I ask what church you attend?
    Random part of my day was getting creeped on by a fellow passenger on the bus who was, apparently, on his way to jail for two months. That was fun. Ok, enough inappropriate comments about my, uh, shaved body parts please.

    • Bon says:

      Okay – you win for most random (and creepy!) part of your day! 😉 Allie, I wish we lived closer – I’d love to be pushed by you while climbing and bang out some burpees together! 😀

      And of course you can ask about church. 🙂 We go to a church in Calgary called First Alliance (it’s a Christian Missionary Alliance church), but the denomination is less important to me as long as the preaching is from the Bible and the focus is on Jesus. I’m a Christian – a follower of Jesus – and am simply convinced that following him is the best way to live! Love God, love people. That’s my mandate! Easier said than done though. 😉

      Thanks for the comment! I always appreciate your thoughts, Allie!

  • Lindsay @ Lindsay's List says:

    Love God, love people! AMEN. Love you, Bonnie!

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