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Well, our time in Ottawa has come to an end. But not the post recaps! Winking smile This is the last one – time to fill you in, as Paul Harvey always said, with “the REST of the story.” The conference finished well and most of the group continued on with the optional social event afterward: dinner (provided for!) and a guided walking tour of some of Ottawa’s fun parts of town.


Social event at Darcy McGee’s pub afterward with old and new friends!


Some “spooky” shots from the Halloween edition of the Haunted Walk…all the ghost stories around Ottawa experienced with a cloaked guide in a walking tour! …Plus Darcy McGee’s plaster hand above (ooooohhh!). Surprised smile

After a scary night, we headed out to a later breakfast in the morning with some friends. First though, I squeezed in a morning 7 miler – always feels good to get some movement in and I was determined to stay consistent with my mileage on this trip.


Somehow, the miles flew by and I just kept ticking them off! Treadmills are kind of a luxury to me because I don’t belong to a gym and don’t have one at home. That means that the chance to run inside and not cancel a run due to cold or rain means I take advantage of it! I could have run outside but didn’t want to go it alone; plus, we were outside walking (under drizzly skies) for a good chunk of time every day on this trip, so indoor treadmill running it was! I embraced it, and was glad I got out there.

After the run and later sleep-in, we met at Zak’s (again!) with Laurie, Vik, Andrew, and Jared. I had the breakfast burrito without the wrap and loved the beans in the morning…delicious, good protein, and filling for the rest of the day.


We said goodbye to Vik who was off to catch his plane and then headed out to the Museum of Civilization. Even though it wasn’t the brightest day out, it was still nice to get out and move as we walked across the bridge into Quebec for the museum.


We had a great time and the museum was really interesting (this coming from a self-proclaimed NON-museum person!). I especially liked the exhibit on the Arctic explorations and the early Canadian life as displayed with the ships and the small communities – very interactive displays and so much to learn about.

We left and then said goodbye to Andrew and Jared (and later Laurie) and meandered through the market on our way back to the hotel.


Mikey and I bought some strawberries (you can SO tell the difference between locally grown, organic ones and store-bought berries!), hit the pool (I swam 100 laps – small pool – but still! Who am I!?) and hot tub, and after only 1 meal that day ordered in the ONLY thing open and willing to deliver late: pizza.


…it was a good day. Open-mouthed smile

Today we slept in again after a low-key movie night in the hotel the last night to find the weather hadn’t changed any. It was another rainy morning which meant I was headed to the gym! After missing my first 7 am alarm (why set it when there’s no time pressure anyway?!), I realized my run could only really be 4 or 5 miles long, which was fine with me; as the treadmill runs continued throughout the weekend, it became harder and harder to run as far. First run? 10 miles. Second? 7 miles. This run? 5 miles in 44 minutes. This one felt long but then all of a sudden was done and after a quick shower we packed up and headed out. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get in touch with the girls we hoped to hang out with, and another friend had some work last-minute so we wandered around downtown in the rain before finding a coffee shop to sit in, email, and relax in for a while. Soon we were out and about again and took some rainy day pictures together, chatting about the weekend and discussing life as we prepared to transition back to Calgary from this quick trip away.


The Rideau Canal


A little weirded out by the spider statue! …anyone know what this symbolizes?


A beautiful cathedral…I loved visiting in here – it felt so quiet, peaceful, and such a shelter from the cold day outside.


By the way I reacted inside this place, Mikey said he could tell I’ve never been to Europe before. Winking smile


We ended off the day in the indoor market and struggled to choose a meal around 4 pm (when we travel, we normally only eat 2 meals a day plus snacks we can pilfer (free fruit from hotel check-in desks plus tea bags from the rooms). So we were ready for a meal before our flight! We finally decided on Japanese even though the Indian and Lebanese food looked delicious too!


Apparently Obama visited this market and they even made cookies specifically for him that said “Canada” on a maple leaf! Don’t forget the Royal cookies either – Will & Kate all the way for this Commonwealth country. Winking smile


We stopped off at Sugar Mountain to get some, well, sugar for the flight home and to fill in the cracks (gummies and licorice for dinner, what?!).

The flight home was uneventful but good…it was nice to read a bit before watching “Cars 2” and chilling out a bit in the dark of the night skies. Sorry for the long update post, but there were too many events crammed into a few days and so many pictures to illustrate it all – hard to be choosy!

Looking for something a little more workout-related? Want to sculpt your upper body? Check out Lindsay’s Tuesday Trainer for today for some great moves (including a little video featuring the “Dancing Crab” move from me!).
Have a great rest of your day and thanks for following my (long-winded) journey in Ottawa! Catch ya tomorrow with FAR less photos and travel thoughts. Winking smile Thanks guys! Live well & be well,


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  • Jenn @ Peas and Crayons says:

    dancing crab!? so checking that out! as long as it doesnt resemble that giant spider statue whatsoever! hehe

    so jealous of your eats and travels =) looks like you had a flipping blast! yay!

    and when it comes to berries, grapes, and carrots, i can always tell organic from conventional! its so rad how they actually TASTE BETTER! =)

  • Lindsay @ Lindsay's List says:

    Pizza? Gummies? Running? Wish I’d come!!

  • Katie says:

    What a fun trip! And I loved your dancing crab…can’t wait to try it.

    We also don’t belong to a gym, so I love the luxury or treadmills when I travel. 😉

  • Sabrina @ Radioactive Runner says:

    Fun pictures, Bonnie! They were fun to look at because I recognized most of places. The museum of civilization is a pretty fun place eh..i really liked it. I took two different groups of intl. students to Ottawa and we did all the ‘touristy’ things. Fun stuff! I think ByWard Market was my favorite. Glad you guys had such a great time.. it’s nice you had time to play along with work.

    Great move on Tuesday trainer.. definitely going to try it out!

  • janetha says:

    CREEEEEPY SPIDER! but great photos. i am not gonna lie.. i am a titch jealous of your adventures.

  • Brittany Cavanaugh says:

    It’s been such a blessing to be reminded of where my motivation comes from in relation to eating healthy and exercising. I’ve been down that road of thinking exercise is motivated by exactly the same statements you said in your post and it’s just not true! The reason we live a healthy lifestyle is because we’ve been given such a gift by God to have the body we have, so why not take care of it! Thank you, I needed to hear this today. You are a blessing!


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