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WIAW: Reflections

It’s a beautiful, blustery day in Calgary and I greeted it bright and early with a smile and some time reading from the book of John in the Bible. Some people stumble out of bed in the morning, others spend time meditating or breathing quietly, some get their workout on or jump right into breakfast. Although I’ve done all those things, I notice such a difference in my entire day when I start out reading my Bible and taking time to commit my day to God. My life simply isn’t about me, and too often I live like it is. I’ve been in a very thoughtful mood lately and Mikey and I have had many-a-“life direction”-talk – you know the kind. The ones where you talk in bed and let some tears out and thinking about life together. They’re great conversations and also hard ones, but it’s made me realize that if I’m struggling in life and never taking those problems or thoughts to God, I’m missing out on the most vital, important relationship and access to true strength.

So I started out with some time in the Word. Thumbs up And THEN, I made a veggie-filled breakfast. But since it’s WIAW, thanks to the lovely Jenn, let me back up to yesterday’s shenanigans and last night’s Fat Tuesday group dinner and share some bites!



A lunch of black beans, cabbage, corn, onions & chicken sausage + a run to the grocery store in my Vibrams then a walk home w/a veggie-filled bag!


A pan full of kale; I made Jenna’s white bean kale soup for our small group last night! Super easy, nutrient-dense and filling for a chilly fall night. Open-mouthed smile


These were my views on the way to my first client this morning. I loved waking up early and getting ready to head out the door, but unfortunately got my day wrong. Somehow I scheduled my client for Wednesday instead of for Friday. Whoops! To be honest, this mishap killed me; I had a cancellation on Monday and this mix-up left me feeling defeated after pumping myself up for work. It’s been a hard week – just been feeling down and discouraged. Generally I am pretty upbeat and positive on my blog, and those emotions and words aren’t false, but I really let my guard down last night with our friends and shared how discouraged I was. Building a client base back up is not easy, but it’s the work I’ve chosen and this is part of the waiting game. I need to not feel guilty about the lack of work right now and focus on pursuing clients and being intentional with the relationships around me. But it’s been hard; there have been some tears this week – it’s how I process. Winking smile

It’s been a time of transition again after a blow to where we thought we were headed while on the film tour. Mikey and I didn’t realize how much losing the retreat centre altered our life plans. Not like they were “our” plans anyway – we truly believe God is in control of our lives and trust that he is guiding and directing, but it’s really shaken us [click the above link to hear more of the surprising story as recorded on our film tour]. It was just like cancer – it really threw us for a loop, changing our housing plans, our work plans, and our direction. The recovery has been harder than we thought and we’ve felt a bit stuck and in limbo, waiting it out as we’re living with my in-laws and making it work. So that’s a bit where I’m coming from today, smiling through the tears because life really is good, God really is in control, and there is truly not much to complain about in life.


Smiling, but feeling down after my morning mix-up. Winking smile


A savory, veggie breakfast of black beans, an egg, some cabbage, corn & spinach (thanks to Janetha & her “Better Breakfast Challenge!”) IMG-20110928-00266

Mutilated-looking snack: piece of whole grain toast w/sunflower seed butter, plain Greek yogurt, a banana & cinnamon. Mmmm! Flirt male


Groceries on the way home: gala apples, some almond milk, organic cocoa, canned pumpkin & some different oatmeal/grains from Planet Organic…worth every penny!


This afternoon I made Hilary’s pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for a friend, sampled the batter (of course!) and snuck one of the tiny cookies – delish! Pumpkin, like all the other bloggers out there, is back in my life, baby.

It’s been an up and down day, the healthy breakfast and pumpkin cookies adding to the ups, and after a great talk with my mom on the phone I’m feeling better. Although we haven’t seen each other since January, I feel so connected to her and just appreciate her input and support in my life; she is such a hard worker and a great friend. So what’s next on my agenda? Continue trying to find clients, not worry about the lack of work right now, clean the house some, and spend some time working out! It might look similar to my workout yesterday, courtesy of BodyRock TV:


What’s going on in your life lately below the surface?

Do you have “life direction talks” with your significant other?

Make it great mid-week day! Thanks for popping by. Live well & be well,



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  • Lindsay @ Lindsay's List says:

    Your heart shows through in this post and it’s beautiful, Bonnie!! Lovely words and I love that you KNOW that God is in control (so many don’t) and that he will give you the desires of your heart
    T and I have life talks all the time. I was just reading “Crazy Love” ..the author talks about how life isn’t about US, but it’s about glorifying and praising GOD. Not us, but God! So much of the time, all I think about is what I’M going to do, or how WE’RE going to pull through something, but it’s not about me. It’s about God being glorified THROUGH me.

  • marilyn chalmers says:

    Hey Bon…thanks for being authentic with your feelings and sharing them with all of us…that is what connects us…times of discouragement, loneliness, failures, inadequecy, just feeling like, I wish something better was going on but it’s not…it’s just everyday life that sometimes just hits us wrong…but just like the Psalmist always comes back around to…there is hope and perspective in God…and YOU never worry me…because you always come around to that same conclusion.
    Love you,

  • Mindy says:

    “I notice such a difference in my entire day when I start out reading my Bible and taking time to commit my day to God. My life simply isn’t about me, and too often I live like it is.”

    LOVE this. I need to be more intentional about starting the day with some God time.

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