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Hey you guys!

First of all, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all my friends and family north of the border! I’ve been in Canada for about 12 years now if you count my time in university, and it’s safe to say I’m pretty Canadian in many ways now. While there’s nothing like a Thanksgiving in the United States when you know everyone is sitting down to a meal on that last Thursday of November (and we’ll be doing the same with family in California next month!), Canadians do it pretty well too, celebrating any day of the long weekend, eating the same familiar, traditional foods like in the US and maybe even greeting this time of year with…SNOW!


That’s right! We’ve had three days of snow now, so Thanksgiving has really felt more like Christmas here in Calgary! It hasn’t been super cold (obviously cold enough to snow, though!) and the snow has melted daily but we’ve woken up with more snow each day since Friday. Hard to believe! It’s early this year, but it actually has me excited about winter and ski season.

We got together with Mikey’s family and had a great day with everyone celebrating family and eating delicious food.


We also celebrated our friends’ commitment to raise their beautiful little girl in the knowledge of Jesus and his love for her at her dedication service on Sunday! It was so great to see a lot of friends and connect with them.

Working backwards in the weekend, we went to a locked room with two other couples Saturday and also enjoy a beautiful Italian meal out and some bubble tea to finish the day. What a fun evening – and again, so fun to connect with people we haven’t seen in ages!




It’s been a fun-filled weekend of friends and food, and Monday I trained a client (very quiet load on a snowy holiday Monday!) and got my own workout in. I wanted to share a few short, effective workouts – some you may have seen online via Instagram and some I haven’t shared yet!

Here’s a Tabata Workout that’s short and fun – use a medicine ball, a slam ball, a weight, a pumpkin or just your body weight! Give this a go: 20 sec on, 10 sec off, 2 rounds of:
– skaters
– groiners
– plank MB taps
– explosive jump slams

Here’s a fuller workout that consists of 3 rounds. For the weighted movements, complete 10 reps for round 1, 5 for round 2, then back to 10 reps for the last round:

So that’s:

The Kitchen Sink Workout: 3 rounds

  • 200 m run (~0.13 miles)
  • 10 (then 5, then 10) reps double kettle bell clean & press
  • 25 yards walking lunges, weighted
  • 25 yards gorilla crawls
  • 10 (then 5, then 10) reps pull ups
  • 10 (then 5, then 10) reps burpees

Here’s one I had Mikey and our friend Ash do together this week:


Got a pair of dumbbells and can’t make it to the gym? Try this home workout when you’re stuck at home or if you usually workout there:

#SweatBetter Home Workout: 5 Rounds, 10 reps each of:

  • Plank Row + 4 Mountain Climbers + Clean & Press
  • Swing-Through Push Ups + Triceps Dips
  • Deficit Sumo Squats

And one last workout for you, a Battle Ropes Tabata:

Have fun with some of these, modify as needed and get after it! Oh – and one more fitness-related thing – I had a fun surprise last week. I received a $50 cheque for getting second in my age group for the Melissa’s Run Half-Marathon!



Just a fun thing to celebrate. What are YOU celebrating in your life lately? Got any good workout links to share?

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes that I rediscovered on a cup while browsing some shops in the neighborhood of Kensington on Saturday:


Live well & be well!


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Hey guys!

Another start to another week. I’m glad it’s Monday – the weekend was great but somehow I feel ready for a fresh start and a new chance to tackle the week, goals, my life! I have a workout to share with you – short and sweet (simple!), although that does not make it easy – and I’m excited to hear what you think of it! But first, a little life update…

Before the weekend got here, Mikey and I had the chance to surprise his dad with a birthday gift a week early – tickets to the Flames game! But the even bigger surprise? His younger sister Catherine was in on the whole time – and showed up as the biggest gift of all!



We ate Greek and roasted veggies and then got ready for the game – so fun to live so close to the Saddledome (and thanks to my clients for being in on the surprise and changing your training times!). 😉


The even better news? The Flames won over the Aneheim Ducks in a blow out of 6 – 2!

…still didn’t keep me from those silent tears that fall when they sing the US national anthem. I may have been rooting for a Canadian team, but it always surprises me how deep patriotism runs in American veins! As my friend Mattie once said, “These colors don’t run, son.” 😉

It was a week of fun training sessions with in-person clients and work as I’m slowly developing my online training base. That’s an exciting development! Stay tuned over on my personal training in Calgary website for details to come!

In other news, in my partnership with the new non-profit Feel Good Calgary, I joined a few new friends to jump around at SpringFree Trampoline on Saturday morning! They are a retail store but you can try out their trampolines – pretty cool versus the ones that hang on the ceiling in Costco and you can’t really tell what it’s like. They have different shaped trampolines and although I used to think the nets were lame (what kid didn’t?!) I felt much safer than the ones with the open springs (remember getting stuck in there, or flying off? I don’t too much because my mom was scared of those for us…she’d love these!). It was a neat place to meet and I bounced a TON!


From there I went to a good friend’s baby shower (happy almost-baby, Nicole!). I didn’t snap any photos but had so much fun being with the girls. No lame baby shower games (none of us like those), lots of good food, lots of great company and fun to celebrate our friend with little girl items! She is loved already (and I’m pulling for “Bonnie” as a middle name!). 😉

Church on Sunday was so, so good. Talk about a sermon and service that just magnified how good God is and how much we need him. If you care to listen in about the story of Simon the Pharisee (and former lepar) check it out on First Alliance’s website here.

It was a day of work after that and then a wonderful dinner with my friend’s mom (and also my friend, Lois)! So neat to see a crew of people I don’t see too often in a different area of the city. Again, no pics, but man if you could have seen the food spread! All made from scratch and absolutely delicious, from the turkey to the wild rice to the mashed yams to the salad and the peanut butter ice cream pie! YUM. The company was even better though – a refreshing end to a weekend.

Other highlights include some fun FaceTiming with my sister-in-law Sarah in Mongolia, some great convos and hang out time with my sister-in-law Catherine (who was here a few days after the birthday surprise) in from Vancouver, a long and wonderful talk with my mom Saturday, and encouraging email from my dad and a short but fun talk with my brother. A good family weekend! Mikey and I also felt good flexing in our respective selfies:


(cute stuff! didn’t buy it – not on sale and not quite worth it)


(handsome!! this man got a haircut and some fresh duds after ripping through 2 dress shirts (through the elbow?!) this past week and a new suit jacket – Mikey’s got some pretty big presentations this week and I’ve been so proud of him!)

Survive & Thrive received some great coverage towards the end of the week – you can check out Mikey’s interview on CBC about our partnership with Kids’ Cancer Care Alberta here, and also his TV spot on CTV here!



Really grateful for all the coverage recently – there were also several articles in different papers (and clearly this was pre-haircut – just days before he lopped the main off! – you can access the Calgary Herald article here, 660 AM news here, the Metro News here and the Calgary Sun article here). God has taken a hard thing in our lives and turned it around for his glory and our good in so many ways!

And now…ready for that workout?! It’s all laid out below! Grab your TRX, find a place to sprint, and get after it!

trx sprint workout

Let me know if you give it a whirl!

Got a good workout to share? Some good news from your life? What about a weekend highlight? Have a great start to the week and catch ya later! Live well & be well,




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Hey guys and happy Friday! I’m at home after a shorter day of training, a great workout of 2.5 miles of sprints plus a finisher (read below!) and drinks out with some staff for one of the girls’ last days (treated myself to a diet coke, ha!).


(image created with a free, new-to-me app called FitSnap – check it out!)

Currently I’m snuggling up with Mikey to watch a movie at home as he’s still pretty sick. Just been fighting a bad cold (at least it’s not the flu!) and he’s a little wiped out. He’s still well enough to rig up our projector which is awesome!

Photo 2
I wanted to share with you guys some great weekend reading and posts as well as a workout you can do as a finisher (as prescribed) or as a short workout in itself by adding rounds or changing the timing. This Fast Finisher is inspired by Jen Sinkler who posted a similar workout yesterday. I love the structure of it because it’s simple (3 exercises, 3 times), short and effective! And the bonus? With each round you get more rest between moves! Meaning there’s no need to pace yourself through the exercises – don’t hold back!

Fast Finisher

Let me know if you give it a shot! And now, onto the links!

I liked these thoughts about Common Nutrition Mistakes. Love this post from Tara!

Free Fat Loss Tips from John Romaniello – three things you might not be doing that are simple, free and effective for fat loss! (Godo sarcasm included 😉 ).

Ever get side stitches while running? This post from Lifehacker might give you some insight!

Trying to watch what you eat? Ever hear people tell you cut out sugar? Some interesting thoughts on the subject in this concise, understandable article from Men’s Health.

Lindsay is a fitness professional I look up to physique- and mindset-wise and I loved her post on BodyBuilding.com about how she stays lean year round. Check it out!

A short list of some protein-packed snacks…always good to refresh how you eat if you’ve been in a food rut!

Here’s a recipe I want to try this weekend from Paleo-OMG! Pizza Spaghetti Pie that’s healthy? Might not be what you think, and I’ve got a spaghetti squash at home just waiting to be used!

SCRATCH THAT! I made it tonight and LOVE it! Super easy and delish! But read the recipe to the end – you bake it for roughly an hour so plan ahead if you’re hungry.

Photo 1

Well, I’m off to have another serving of that deliciousness above and to enjoy some time next to my husband. Have a great weekend, you guys!


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Snow, snow and more snow. Oh, and cold (that’s in Fahrenheit for my American readers)! And not the best roads. That’s a true Canadian winter for you. I’m getting pretty used to the weather and don’t even find myself complaining about it much. It’s more that I’m disappointed I haven’t been out skiing yet – can you believe it?! But I’m very happy that Mikey, after several full, long days of work, got out sled skiing with a friend of ours today.


Got beard envy? You should – beards rock (and Mikey was just interviewed about beards)! Got husband envy? I know, I’m blessed. 😉

In other news, it’s been a great week for me – full of clients but lots of great, Christmas-themed workouts and great conversations with clients. Here’s a taste of one of the Christmas workouts I’ve enjoyed with clients this week:

12 days of fitness workout

These workouts, quite honestly, are a dime a dozen, but hopefully this gives you something new to use! Everything is body weight except for the deadlift high pull (use a KB of a challenging weight or substitute inverted push ups for the shoulders!). I formatted this workout by doing 1 roll out burpee first, then move #1 again followed by 2 tuck jumps. Repeat 1, 2 and add 3 reps and then continue adding the next round of exercises on top of the sequence! It’s a fun workout and hits all your muscle groups. Let me know if you give a whirl before enjoying some Christmas cookies. 😉

Speaking of Christmas cookies, I wanted to share this great thought I came across via Amber’s Facebook page:

“Food is not the enemy. Your body is not the enemy.

The enemy is extremism: unrealistic physical ideals created by the media, unsustainable diet protocols created by marketers.

You, your body, and food are all on the same team. Extremism attempts to create conflict, and succeeds far too often. When you are at war with food and your body, progress is difficult if not impossible.

Making peace with your body and with food is WORK. It’s not easy. But it’s the way forward, when you are tired of the endless spiral of self-hate, the binge-restrict cycle, wandering the maze of magic diets weight loss gimmicks. Once you have peace with your body and with food, you can begin the work of creating a balanced and sustainable life that works for you. The war keeps you distracted from that work.”

No commentary needed; well said.

Have you had any great workouts this week? How about any solid thoughts to share with us? And is your city snowy or balmy? I love hearing about people’s weather. Mine’s about to change as we are heading down to California tomorrow! Our bags are packed and it’s time to go!

Have a great end to your week and I will see from (admittedly still cold but) sunny California! Live well & be well,


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…because weekends should include handstands. 😉

Hey guys! I’ve been pretty quiet in the blogging world this week and had a fun weekend, I finally have a few things to share with you! For starters, I shared a bit about balancing life and fitness over at Heather‘s page on Friday – thanks for the chance for me to guest post, friend. Check it out and leave a comment if anything resonates with you. Balance is ALWAYS something we seem to be working on…so maybe something will strike you! Before I jump into the weekend fun, here are a few more links to check out:

Enrollment is now open for our summer trips! Are you a young adult cancer survivor (18-39-ish) who wants to get outside this summer? Join us for our kayaking or rafting trip, bring a supporter and come adventure with us! Check out Survive & Thrive Expeditions and sign up today and share it with anyone who might be interested.

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz001

5 workout must-haves from Janetha…I just love this girl. 😉 Would you add anything to the list? I’d say a jump rope – after having kind of crappy ones, I finally broke down and spent the $14 for a sturdy speed rope this weekend!

Ever experience food anxiety? You’re not alone in this struggle if you are – check out Jill’s thoughts in her recent post.

And now a few weekend highlights, starting with our friends Craig and Mandi coming over and my friend Rae surprising us and inviting us to box seats at the hockey game!

2013 11 23 1385175980

…thanks Rae and Kevin!

2013 11 23 1385185221

Saturday was a fun, relaxing day that included sleeping in, a home workout (more on that below in the video and link!) and a fun night celebrating Mikey’s “Top 40 Under 40” achievement at a party at his parents’ house. We had a great time catching up with friends, sharing about where God is leading and the opportunities he has given Mikey and just enjoying fellowship and good community. A huge thanks to my in-laws for wanting to recognize Mikey and for their amazing food prep, clean home and welcoming environment! …and to my parents for the beautiful flowers they sent up which are now gracing our table at home:


I even fancied up for the night with a might big dread bun, some teal tights and a mustard yellow sweater dress with slippers – er, boots. Okay, maybe not fancy, but not gym clothes, and that’s a win in my book! 😀2013 11 24 1385253861

Sunday was great: the early service at church (which was so good!), the Hunger Games movie for a matinee (very unlike us! – loved the movie although I haven’t read the books), cinnamon rolls for lunch and a chance to chat with my parents and friend Anna in the evening. Perfect! Oh – and to show you who’s human and so NOT perfect:

😉 Just keepin’ it real, folks, just keepin’ it real. A reminder for you on those days when you’re busy or tired or feel like there’s no way you’re going to squeeze your movement in:

2013 11 22 1385157401

That’s really all it takes! And on that note, here are a few workouts you might be interested in (all body weight, fast and furious!):

10 min, Mixed-Burpee 100 Rep Workout (love this do-anywhere workout, video included!)

15 min AMRAP Bodyweight Workout (no video but easy to sub moves that aren’t self-explanatory):

Tell me about YOU! Any things you need can share to keep it real with me? Any good weekend workouts or movies on your end? Any fun links to leave for me and the other readers?

Live well & be well, and have a great start to your week,


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Hello from the Chicago Airport! Hard to believe that my time in Boston has already come to a close…it’s been an incredible trip. I thought that I would break up our experiences into 2 posts: one with the touring we did around this amazing city and one of the conference which was incredible! Wow…so much to share – it’s hard to know where to start!

After we arrived in Boston, so happy to have a break and be traveling together again, Mikey and I dropped our luggage off and went straight to the mall. The mall? Yeah – we were about 40 minutes on the T (their subway/train system) away from downtown Boston and there was nothing within walking distance of our hotel, so we hopped on the free shuttle to get a few supplies for the week from Target.

IMG 4845

I loved seeing all the fun seasonal Halloween candies and things that are only in the great US of A – it was good to be home. 😉

We headed back to the Marriott Quincy and read our books in the hot tub, which was right next to the gym and in full view of the weight room. I could only take it for about 10 minutes before I just HAD to go MOVE! So I did a great 20 minute workout, showered and gathered my pruny husband from the hot tub and we hit the hay. 😉

The next day, we took the T downtown and bought a pass for the Duck Boat Tour – a chance to see all the history of Boston, to get out and walk and explore, with museum fees included sounded perfect to us. We started by seeing some famous statutes, loved hearing about history along the way and had fun getting off at our first stop: Fenway Park.

IMG 4673

The Boston Strong and Red Sox fever was everywhere! …what a great time to be in this city.

 IMG 4676

Fenway Park was amazing…so much rich history and being in the first ballpark in the US made me really proud to be an American. We were there taking a tour on the afternoon before the Red Sox won the World Series – so we even got to hear DropKick Murphy’s warming up! Big time bonus.

IMG 4702IMG 4846After the tour and loving the excitement for the Red Sox that you could feel sweeping the city, we hopped back on the tour, explored by walking around a little more and stopped for an important visitor who zoomed by in his motorcade – President Obama! We didn’t see him, but we did see his car go by and the American flags on the side. So cool! We hoped we’d see him in speak at Fenuiel Hall in Quincy Market but, after waiting for about a half hour, we lef the area and gave up a shot for a glimpse at the President – but I don’t think he ended up surfacing there in view of where we were anyway. Still a neat, crowd experience!

IMG 4714

IMG 4726

IMG 4719

IMG 4727

Eventually, after another museum stop in the Old South Meeting House, we ended up eating our first “real” meal of the day in the oldest pub in Boston – the Bell in Hand. Mikey especially loves the architecture of the old buildings, which are older than the life of the city of Calgary! The Bell in Hand was wedge-shaped, and we took up residence at a high table in the skinny part of the wedge. When in Boston, eat fish, right? I had the Baja Tacos, which were delicious, and Mikey ate the fisherman’s platter which he couldn’t even finish! I had my first sip of alcohol since the 24 day Holiday Hustle, a half pint pumpkin beer with a tasty sugar and cinnamon rim but didn’t even drink half of it! That ended up being my only alcohol of the week; I chose to go with more candy options coming off my food challenge. 😉 Maybe some of these habits will actually stick!

IMG 4745

We also helped each other with our presentations for the upcoming conference; it was fun brainstorming together on a napkin in the oldest pub in America.

IMG 4744

We took a long walk after that, around Little Italy which was beautiful, safe and full of great looking Italian restaurants – wish we could have stayed for some gelato or a coffee! We were actively staying away from sweets after a “lightly battered,” as the menu said, meal of fish, so we passed, but we did walk by the Thinking Cup coffee shop that Janetha told me to go to – can’t believe we didn’t have room for a canoli!

IMG 4756

We continued meandering down the Freedom Trail to Old North Church (where Paul Revere lit the lamps signalling the British were coming!) and Paul Revere’s house. Although I didn’t get a good picture of it in the darkness, I loved the statue of Paul Revere on a horse rearing up, proudly wearing a Red Sox jersey. 😉

We finally got back on the T and rode home, walking back up to the hotel and flopping down, switching on the Red Sox game until the end, cheering them on even though we wouldn’t really call ourselves baseball fans. Being at Fenway Park earlier in the day made for an exciting game and we loved watching that game-winning strike-out and the thrill that was so obvious in the stadium! Boston needed this, and I was so happy that after the Boston Marathon bombing that this happened; it was an emotional and powerful week in this city.

IMG 4741

Day 2 of our explorations began as day 1 ended for me: with a short workout!

IMG 4829

I came back, woke the boy and we enjoyed with some oatmeal, a banana and some baby oranges in our hotel room bought from our Target trip. We also got some carrot pack, cherry tomatoes and raw nut trail mix to help with snacks during the day, some buns with individual peanut and almond butter packs for quick sandwiches so we never purchased lunch out and some mint tea for the evenings. A cheap and easy way to travel!

Back on the tour (we bought the multi-day pass), we started off with a stop at the USS Constitution, the world’s oldest wartime boat still afloat. We got there right in time before a big group and enjoyed a free 20 minute tour from one of the active-duty navy men and learned a lot about the fascinating history of the boat and the battles “Old Ironsides” engaged in against the British.

IMG 4773

We were also able to pop over to the nearby museum and strolled around, reading more about the history of the boat and the era. It was a great start to the day!

IMG 4781

After the boat tour, we hopped into the harbor on a different kind of boat – a Duck Boat! As with every tour guide we had, the drivers were hilarious, disarming and charming. I think I’d be intimidated by younger Boston men but I sure think the older ones are fun! I love the people out here…similar feel to San Francisco but a little brashness to the friendliness of Bostonians – cool city and cool people.

On the way to our first destination, I also had my first coffee in 24 days! It was simple, like I always have it – a short, dark roast with 1 shot, this time from Starbucks. It was perfect sipping a coffee with Mikey as we made our way to the next destination on the double decker bus.

IMG 4807

The rest of the day was dedicated to being in Harvard Square, where we checked out some great exhibits at the Museum of Natural History (tough call between that and the MIT museum, but we only had time for one!) and then just strolled the campus.

IMG 4791

IMG 4797

It must be incredible studying in a place with so much history! Although the day was gray, it was warmer than the day before and we loved walking through the old brick buildings, steeped in history and so beautiful.

IMG 4785

That evening was all about hockey – we made it to Boston Gardens and took in a hockey game! It wasn’t the greatest game (although former Flame Jerome Iginla won the game for the Bruins in a shoot out! That’s our boy!), but it was fun to be in a famous arena and the steep seats provided great views even from our place in the upper balcony.

IMG 4805

This is also, to be noted, the night I had candy corn – on Halloween! YUM! I bought a bag, ate half and threw the rest away – that’s how I portion control and help myself with will power. 😉

Friday brought a day to stick around the hotel, visit with a super amazing friend, Jaime, from our Grand Canyon trip this summer (who drove for 2 hours from Connecticut to have lunch with us tired folk! SO thankful to have seen her face to face) and a day of working on our presentations. Can’t believe we failed to snap a pic with Jaime, but we went into Quincy (which is actually about 25 years older than Boston!) for Mexican food and had a great time catching up and chatting.

And…for the rest of the trip, the full day conference on Saturday, you’ll have to tune in later this week! I’ll also pop back with a glimpse at my before and after photos of the Holiday Hustle challenge and my wrap up thoughts on the experience. I think for coming off such a challenge I did fairly well throughout the week away! I definitely allowed candy indulgences and did have 1 donut (pumpkin pie) from Dunkin Donuts (first time ever there!) on our first day of exploring Boston, but we hadn’t eaten much all day and I figure pumpkin’s already on it’s way out up in Canada, so I might as well enjoy it. 😉 More on that later, but I just wanted to share the fun time we had in Boston. We crammed a ton in (hence why we were so tired when we connected with Jaime on our “day off” to study and work!) but it was worth it. If you love history, friendly people and a beautiful area, take a trip to Boston! We had a blast.

Talk to you guys soon! I’m back for a full week of work while Mikey is in Rotterdam in the Netherlands for his first international conference – so proud of him. God has been so faithful to us in our story and I’m grateful for this trip to remind of that. Live well & be well, friends!


IMG 4806


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Hey guys! Cheers to another end of the week, especially when it’s your first one back at work in a bit. 😉 I had a great week getting back into training at the gym both for myself and with my clients, but it’s always nice to see Friday roll around. I’m grateful for a smooth week and fairly busy week for the end of August; the back-to-school time is coming soon, which means the gym will be filling up again!


In the meantime, here’s a workout you can at home, in the gym or while you’re camping this weekend, body weight only and no equipment required!

Back to school workout

When you’re back in the gym when the storms are coming and winter’s upon us, we’ll get creative with some gear. Until then, give this workout a shot and let me know if you:

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz001

Got anything fun planned this weekend? Mikey and I are taking advantage of our last free weekend in a while by going to hike the Rockwall Trail – 52 km or 32 miles – in a day! Our goal: to drive out Friday night, sleep at the trail head, get up early (headlamps required-early!) and go all day. STOKED! No, we’re not really conditioned to do it, and no, we don’t actually expect to run the whole thing. But we’ve backpacked it before and will be going light now…can’t wait to give it a shot! it will be an awesome weekend challenge and we’ll be back in Calgary with a whole day of our weekend left to spare (church, laundry, prep for the week, etc). Woot!

With our somewhat daunting but fun challenge ahead of us, I want you to give something different a shot this weekend. Rent a paddle board, go for a walk after dinner, try some sprints outside, walk up a hill, eat a new vegetable…just anything different! I’d love to hear how your weekend challenge was come Monday; I’ll be reporting on mine!

Thanks so much for your amazing comments, encouragement and connection over my last post. What a gift to know you’re not alone!

Have a great weekend you guys! Catch ya on the flip side.


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(photo source)

Ahhh, Wednesday. Half way through the week and full of promise to turn the week around or keep going in full-blast, joy-choosing direction. What will you choose? How will you act?

My biggest question and challenge to myself right now is this: Will I make good choices in the kitchen? I’ve found this week that adage to be true: “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” I always knew that, but I realized it in greater detail this week when, after making a new rule post-flood and fridge clean out that we were going to wait until I fridge was empty to go shopping again, I found myself eating crap because there was “nothing” left to eat. I even made canned chicken with quinoa, diced tomatoes, spices and goat cheese in an effort to remain “healthy” and let me tell you, it.was.disgusting. There is good canned chicken and there is bad canned chicken. This stuff looked like cat food.

So, after some canned soup (that was low in sugar, calories, sodium and had real ingredients) and fresh french bread from the weekend, I was feeling okay when, at 9 pm, Mikey walked in with Peter’s Drive-In burgers, fries and shake each, thinking I hadn’t eaten yet. Ahhh! How can you turn down some late-night fries and a chocolate shake?! While I know I am fighting hormones this week, I still need to be making better choices. As of tonight, our fridge has more fresh food (despite trying not to go to the store since we are leaving Friday) and I feel like I have better options. Left to my own devices, I will eat crap – carbs, carbs and more carbs!

So I’m focusing on making better food choices as the rest of the week goes on.

On the workout front, I‘m rockin’ it!

IMG 3149

I’m still not using my lower body much but pushed it a little today and created this fun workout for those of you with access to battle ropes. Many people are intimidated to use these bad boys, but get out of your comfort zone to experience a GREAT workout by swinging these ropes! Check out the workout below and feel free to change the structure/timing of the workout to suit your needs.

How will you make the most of the rest of your week, in and outside the gym, in and outside the kitchen? Let’s keep each other accountable so we wake up ready to go and go to bed feeling good with our choices!

And to finish off your Wednesday, two quotes I found that speak to the hardship but growth that come from adversity…

“The Lord’s mercy often rides to the door of our heart upon the black horse of affliction.” ― Charles H. Spurgeon



“Every disability conceals a vocation, if only we can find it, which will ‘turn the necessity to glorious gain.” ― C.S. Lewis

Live well & be well! Catch you guys later,


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Another summer weekend put to rest, another fresh week beginning today. Let’s embrace it and be expectant to see God move and do great things this week! Let’s work towards progress, not perfection and not focus on comparing ourselves to others. Instead, let’s commit to embrace who we are and keep charging forward.


Photo 2

First up for the week: the winner from the Simply Bar giveaway to announce! …and the winner is… JuJu. Congrats! Please send me your full name and address and the Maple Pecan Bars will be on their way. Wahoo!

In other news, it was a beautiful weekend here in Calgary filled with a storytelling workshop Mikey and I participated in/helped with (drum circle, conversations, coffee house-style fun included) and I got a few upper body workouts in too as I’m still resting my knee. Good for the soul, good for the body. Here’s one of the workouts I did:


[10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-3-3 reps per round of: ]

DB plank rows (per arm)
Deadlift to upright row
Triceps push ups
Sprinter crunches (per side)

Simple and effective! Let me know if you give it a shot today or this week, and make sure you’re lifting heavy enough that it’s a challenge throughout your workout. I used 20 lbs for the plank rows and the deadlift high pulls (upright rows) and I should have upped the weight to get more of that burn out. Watch out for being too complacent and keep pushing your envelope! 😀

I also watched a lot of workouts – namely, the CrossFit Games! I was super inspired by all these incredibly fit people (and you also feel a little “less than,” if you know what I mean…a funny mix of feelings but it was more on the inspired to workout side than anything!) and feel pumped up for my own workouts this week! Did you watch any? Any spare moment if I was cooking or cleaning or just sitting I had it on the laptop!

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz001For pictures of the Games (via my computer; not lucky enough to be there in person!) plus some video of one of the many recent crazy storms and more workouts you can do, check out my Instagram profile – it’s all there!

In other news of cool things you can check out, I encourage you to explore the band Rend Collective Experiment. I’m loving them and have been listening to their folky, uplifting CD, “Campfire” on repeat NONSTOP! Their music actually is in line with the sermon today, which hit me exactly where I needed to be hit. It was about if we are truly passionate about living for God and pursuing him; if making God happy is our ultimate satisfaction or if we are satiated with the things this world offers instantly. It gave me so much to think about and I felt rejuvenated by the Gospel and Jesus’ deep love and all-knowing grace. If you need to hear it, please check it out online.

We had a weekend filled with people – plus seeing “The Wolverine” with my last movie coupon leftover from my birthday. 😉 The movie rocked (I love those fun action/adventure movies!) but the time with people was even better. We had a great BBQ with new friends on Saturday, had some good time with Mikey’s parents on Sunday after church and had our friend Edith over for some food and wine, good conversation and games Sunday. What a blessing real, true friends are.


Looking ahead, it’s a full week to come: 6-8 clients for me most days, lots of meetings and work for Mikey and final prep for our Grand Canyon trip, which looks like it’s full! We leave Friday night for that trip and it’s hard to believe it’s already here. After that we are heading for one week of camping with my immediate and some extended family in California – first time we’ll be spending a chunk of time with them in the summer and we can’t wait.

Tell me a bit about your weekend! Got a good link to share? Any fun trips outdoors or with family coming up for you?

Live well & be well!



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Hey guys and happy Friday to ya! I thought I would pop in today with a great workout you can do anywhere there’s a hill, your body and the drive to burn some fat and pump up that metabolism. …are you in?!

(Breakdown of the workout is in the video description on YouTube.)

Have a great weekend, get your sweat on and have an awesome weekend! I’ll be back in a week and a half after what’s sure to be an amazing adventure on the Owyhee River! Adios for now!


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