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Hey you guys! Long time no blog, right? But perhaps you’re used to that by now? 🙂 I’m a bit hit and miss lately in terms of blogging but I thought I’d pop in and touch base! A few recaps on the last month of so and some body weight workouts below. Sound okay? Let’s dive in!

Just before Christmas, Mikey and I hit the road for our annual backcountry skiing anniversary trip – a much anticipated break from routine, work and the connectedness of social media and technology. We had a blast, and both agreed that our time at the Ripple Ridge Hut in Kootenay Pass held some of the BEST turns we’ve ever had together in the backcountry! Incredible snow with very stable conditions, not many people (in fact, the others who had booked into the hut never showed up!) and and perfect weather (-5C). Here is a quick glimpse of our time away!


On the summit of the peak we lapped ALL DAY – never crossed our tracks or anyone else’s once! 😀  One hour of hiking up 15 minutes down, and pumped every time to get another run in.


The hut is only about a 45 minute hike from the pass, so we actually brought REAL food like veggies, spinach, ham and goat cheese! So good.

But you can’t really talk about epic powder without showing it, am I right?! Here’s a little film Mikey made of our anniversary trip!

So good. And I almost look like a “real” skier after 8 years of learning, ha! I don’t have much fear when I ski, don’t mind going fast or off peaks or hiking hard, but I still kind of ski like a robot. 😉

After our trip, we spent one day in a surprise (for me!) location: the Cedar House Chalets in Golden, BC. We’ve come to celebrate in a hut in the backcountry for a few days and then spend one night in a hotel (either on the way to the hut or on the way home), and this was our own, clean, cozy chalet with a hot tub included! It was an incredible way to finish off our trip and regroup by doing laundry, using a full kitchen to cook, soaking in the hot tub and dreaming about what life will look like this year and next. If you’re in the area and looking for an intimate, beautiful and unique place to stay, we can’t recommend this place enough (great find, my man)!


After our quick stop-over, we had some fun with Mikey’s family in Lake Louise for a few days to celebrate Christmas after the fact. We spent a bit of (failed) time backcountry skiing with our brother-in-law, Dave, but it turns out Emerald Lake isn’t the best spot in the Rockies for touring… fullsizerender_2

Great for cross country skiing though! And that’s what we did with his family the other two days.


Mapping out the next day’s cross country ski tour…


(photo from my sister-in-law Catherine – that’s Mikey and my brother-in-law, Dave battling it out!)

There was also hockey at Lake Louise where it snowed like crazy for 24 hours! Tough for skating but awesome for tromping around in my IceBugs! I LOVE these shoes and must annoy everyone when winter comes around and I talk about them non-stop, but as someone who doesn’t love skating, putting my IceBug running shoes on with their little spikes (so comfy, unlike skates for my bunioned-feet) is something I look forward to on days when the rest of my Canadian friends and family hit the rink.


I ran to the end of Lake Louise and back (in full ski clothes, ha! It was rather impulsive but so much fun), then walked a bit with my mother-in-law in the snow while the guys finished up their hockey game. The above photo was taken from a video – nothing staged about my joy of moving in these shoes!

After we said our goodbyes we hit the road for Invermere, BC for New Years with our friends, during which time I barely took a single picture! Mikey snapped a picture of our little group on new year’s day while we lunched on the mountain at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort:


(Clare and Byron and us!)

We had fun staying up *almost* until midnight on NYE, running around with the kids, laughing together and connecting as girls as we got our nails done and guys played hockey outside, and eating homemade meals we cooked for one another. A great way to connect before another year begins!

Despite a very active break, I also enjoyed some great hotel workouts in a gym with ZERO amenities – like no towels, mats, balls, weights, etc, just three cardio machines. That being said, there’s so much you can do with your body and I was stoked to get more muscles than my legs moving!


The first day I did this short burner:

Warm up, then 5 sets of sprints at 10% incline, 30 sec on, 30 sec off, followed by:

3 rounds:
10 push up + row
10 handstand shoulder taps
10 alternating mountain climbers
10 pull apart superman Rows
10 pull over sit ups

And the second morning I cranked out this shortie before we headed home:


A 30:60:90 sec blast from BJ Gaddour, who I’ve always loved but have been really turning to for workout inspiration these days, with sprawls and tuck jumps and walk outs (oh my! 😉)… then,

3 rounds of the leg series in the video: 30 sec jump lunges, 10 sec rest; 60 sec lunges, 20 sec rest; 90 sec drop squats.

I finished up with 3 rounds of 20 sec push ups + 40 sec rolling plank, no breaks.

I’m still lifting but a bit less heavy and a loving adding more high intensity movements into my workouts again, plus lots of work with bands (like band pull aparts, mini band exercises for glutes and core work, etc) and am having so much fun! I’m also still eating in moderation. I actually lost a few pounds over the holidays – I think due to lots of hiking/cardio/less structured eating (huge meals at night but quick, on the go foods throughout the day) and actually because I was lifting less, too! Probably a bit of muscle lost but I’m enjoy the lighter feeling even while having a few glasses of wine and some treats over the break (like that maple donut below… See caption for my thoughts on food right now!).

…this is how my 2017 started out – well, after a day of skiing with friends! @mikelangyyc and I left Invermere with coffees and splitting a maple donut bar in hand for the drive back to Calgary and every bite was delicious! ☕️👍🏼No crazy diets, not berating myself for choices made or not made, no excess exercise. I love movement and good food, but just as much as I love donut I appreciate a hearty, veggie-based stir fry or a crisp apple. 🍎I’m firmly in the #moderation365 camp and love the idea of eating to perform! #ETP #eattoperform – I choose to fuel my workouts and life and focus on nourishing my body. # Not a big resolution maker but just ruminating on some food and fitness thoughts as the year begins! Back at @cityfityyc today, I wrote “2016” more than once but loved seeing clients and getting my own workout in too! Feels good to take a break from routine and then good to get back at it, doesn’t it? # Cheers to a new year! Let’s make it full of joy, grace, great workouts 💦 and the occasional donut. 🍩✌🏼

A photo posted by Bonnie Lang (@bonnielangfitness) on

It’s been great (and busy with everyone back in town!) to be back at CityFit again this week and I’m enjoying routine once again.

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Hey guys! Happy Monday! Can we all agree that Mondays don’t have to suck?! Let’s make it a good day. How about a picture of “Thug Bonnie in the Mountains” to help start your day off right?


Awww yeah, that’s better. 😉

What were you up to this weekend? I had a wine and games night with the neighbors Friday, two great workouts with clients Saturday morning, and a fun 30th birthday party for our friend Rachel later that evening! So good to connect with people in homes and gyms!


I’ve never opened myself up to work on weekends, but I’ve been having fun training people on Saturdays and occasionally Sundays too. It always ends with me getting a workout in too (“Well, I might as well stay and train myself!”) and it’s fun because it feels somehow more lighthearted than a weekday, for some reason. Do you train on weekends? Would you join a bootcamp or class on a weekend?


(See how laid back I am? Backwards hat and everything, man!) 😉

On Saturday afternoon Mikey’s appointments cancelled for Sunday so we decided to head to the mountains Sunday and climb a peak! The avalanche conditions were great – very low all around – and the stability was solid. After vacillating on where to go, we ended up deciding on Pope’s Peak, which sits above a hanging glacier to the west of Mount Whyte and doesn’t look like any exceptional. Except that there are 2 glaciers to look at (we didn’t have time to explore the lower one today), and its north face sits in a hanging valley framed above Ross Lake and provides an incredible view! Seriously stunning, seriously big mountains.


Pope’s Peak, situated on the border of Alberta and British Columbia, is 3,163 m (or 10,377 ft) and is considered a technical climb to do when conditions are stable (source). And while conditions were good in terms of avalanches, everything was wind blasted, so it was lots and lots of traversing across wind slabs, which made for some really tough skiing conditions. With a later start and these conditions, we weren’t able to summit (or rather, had up to the col – it’s not necessarily a peak that you summit on skis but there are some crazy lines that we heard about a gym doing up there, rappelling over cliff bands and then hucking down on his skis again!).

We still had a great time though!


It always takes me at least an hour to warm up…This climb it was about 2 or maybe 3 hours before I started to feel like I was awake, alive and feeling good. I think I’m a little low on sleep after the weekend, and my body really wanted to rest today, but a 6 am wake up was worth it in the end! I’m always huffing and puffing in the morning as Mikey leads, and then I get a surge of energy and feel like I could go all day and lead as Mikey starts to fatigue in the second half of the day. Not sure if it’s a male/female thing, an endurance thing, or just the way our bodies are wired, but I always finish a day (long endurance hike, a ski tour, etc) feeling great!


We got out to the mountains and moved, which was a big stress reliever and great event to do together too – one of mine and Mikey’s favorite things in the outdoors! Funny coming from a California girl – who would have thought? – and one of my go-to healthy habits – getting outside!

What did you do this weekend? And how do you feel on all-day activities in terms of energy ebbs and flows? Stay tuned for an at-home, bodyweight workout you can do this week tomorrow on the blog and have a wonderful start to your week, friends!

Live well & be well,



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Hey guys! Well, it’s been a quiet few days since I posted last – a full Monday at work and then Tuesday the gym was closed because of Remembrance Day, so it was largely an at-home day until we went to Fat Tuesday to see friends and continue our study in John. Did you work or have the day off?

Part of how I spent my day was “personal development” – not a lot got done, but I listened to a lot of great podcasts, read some solid articles, cleaned the bathroom (finally! My worst chore!) and prepped for classes. One of the topics that got me thinking was regarding success. I heard that people are more likely to be successful when they’re required to DO something, not STOP doing something. Here’s an example (and one you’ve maybe tried!): You’re much more likely to be able to add vegetables to every meal rather than stop eating junk food. Instead of going to the bar Fridays, go to the gym – so you’re replacing one thing with another rather than taking it away completely.

I love this! And man that’s true. I’ve told clients to focus on one thing and not try to overhaul their lifestyle by taking away a bunch of bad habits all at once. It’s a good reminder for myself as I continue to strive for health in all aspects of the term.

– – – – – – – – – –

So. The snow fell last weekend (as you saw in my last post), and to be honest, it’s got me kind of pumped for ski season! So here’s a workout that, while not “hard core” from start to finish, will work your body in the the way it needs to be ready for ski season. Give it a shot, 3 – 4 rounds, and listen in and check out the video for video demos of the movements. (Note: the beginning is a bit rambly to share the “whys” about how this workout will help you, so watch or skip as needed!)

Collage 1a Collage 2a

{Love my new “In the Flow II” capris by LuLuLemon, shoes are UnderArmour, and top is Eleven By Venus. As an ambassador, I’d love to offer you my code “Team11BonnieL” (no quotes) for 10% off all new collection/full-priced items – and you get 10% of all monthly sales!}

Leave a comment if you have any questions and let me know how it goes! There are SO many moves you could do to get stronger for your upcoming ski/snowboard season – and you could use multiple modalities to make it happen. Would you guys be interested in another ski-ready workout that you could do in the gym with weights/TRX/kettlebells etc? Let me know! I’d love to get one up in the next week or so if there’s interest.

Have a great rest of your week, guys! Live well & be well,



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Ahh, spring. That time when the weather shifts, the birds chirp a little louder, the grass looks greener and the sun shines warmer…unless you live in Calgary. And to be honest, I’m not even complaining – just telling it like it is. Second winter arrived this weekend.



IMG 0947

Keep in mind this shot was taken in the morning AFTER we cleaned the snow off and drove for a while to get it warm. It may not look like a lot, but it snowed for most of the weekend here and many highways were on red alert or even closed down. But that’s what you get when you live in the foothills of the Rockies – unpredictable, crazy weather – even if it’s supposed to be spring. 😉

On that note, I was VERY happy to have gotten up early on Saturday morning to get my first long run of marathon training in: 13 miles of solo fun!

IMG 0906

Up at 6, eating around 6:15 am (toast with almond butter, cinnamon and half a banana + a small cup of coffee) and then putzed around, putting off the departure until officially around 7:10 am. Then, it was run time.

IMG 0908

I was surprised by how pleasant it was outside – the absolute perfect temperature for running – and was excited to feel fairly good, even after not the best night of eating (a typical, “It’s Friday!” meal that I try not to make a regular just because it’s the weekend…). I ran all along the Bow River, up above it in the hills, back across it and down the Memorial Stairs and turned back, arriving home in just over 2 hours on a foggy, misty morning.

IMG 0919

IMG 0910

What a great feeling of accomplishment! I came home and Mikey was still in bed – made me feel like a rockstar for committing to that run and doing it before he was awake and kickin’!

It’s been a great first week of Banff Marathon training! June 23rd will be here before I know and I am getting stoked to keep training and make this marathon dream a reality! Below is the plan I’m following (source below) from Hal Higdon that I found online.

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz003


I simply took a “Novice 2” for a first-time-marathoner and counted back the number of weeks until the marathon, which put me at about 10 weeks out. I started with week 9 as my week 1 and look forward to more 4, 8 and 17 mile runs in the coming week!

On that running note, GOOD LUCK & RUN HARD to all those racing at Boston today! What an accomplishment to get there and run and I hope it’s an amazing experience for you all!

Shortly thereafter, a former client/friend of mine came over to work on my dreads. I was one happy camper when she was done and enjoyed her company and great work on my locks!

IMG 0934

That’s when the snow started coming down. We made it to church that night just fine (loving our new series called “Crazy Love” so much!), went out to eat with friends for Mexican afterward (great company during a blizzard!) and then snuggled in for the night, unsure if our planned ski day would go on as planned Sunday. It’s one thing to drive yourself, but a group of 20 cancer survivors and supporters in a bus? We were hoping, but not sure if the day would go on.

…and it did! Thanks to a bus driver who was willing to drive through a few rough patches of road, we made it out to Lake Louise and skied the day away! Wait a second – a full-on ski day in mid-April?!

IMG 0004

That’s right. 😉

Special thanks to Peter Anderson, a cancer survivor and Lake Louise ski patroller and the amazing ski guides (Paul, Misasui, Jim and Tom) who stuck with us, guided us down the mountain and gave us incredible tips.

IMG 0003

Another huge shout-out to Wellspring Calgary and Anna who organized the event this year and partnered with Southland Transportation and Lake Louise for an incredible (free) day – what a blessing! We didn’t even know it was “Go! Get Outdoors Weekend” when we bumped into MLA and Minister of Wellness Dave Rodney, but that capped the day off when we grabbed a group shot with him and the owner of Lake Louise, Charlie Locke.

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz003


(You can read more about the government’s initiative at the link above; what a neat idea!)

IMG 0008

It was an amazing day!

And that was about the weekend – running, indulgent food and skiing with an amazing group of people. Can’t ask for much more than that! 😀

Anyone else get outdoors this weekend, rain, snow or shine? I love that our government is getting behind the idea of getting people OUTSIDE! Like Dave Rodney said, there are people who aren’t cancer survivors sitting on their couch and watching TV while we were out skiing. You don’t have to be good at anything, it doesn’t have to be for a long time and you can go out solo or with people – just make some time this coming week to get yourself outside – I will too!

Have a great start to your week, friends! Live well & be well,


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Hey guys!

Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve popped in to say hello because Mikey and I were away celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in the back country of Little Yoho Valley. So, let me start by wishing you all a belated Merry Christmas! I hope that your last few days have been filled with family and friends, relaxing and eating good food that doesn’t come around too often and also peace as we remember those not with us at this time of year.

I have so much to share but don’t have all the pictures from our family Christmas time (they’re on my in-laws’ camera), so here’s a quick bullet-point recap of the last few days plus a little something special at the end:

  • Took off from work Wednesday the 19th with two extra bags of something special – I unexpectedly won the wine draw! I greeted Mikey at the car, ready for the 2.5 hr drive to the trail head, with 10 bottles of wine! He laughed pretty hard and we took off for the mountains, car loaded and full of anticipation.
Wine draw
  • We arrived at the Great Divide Lodge around 10 pm (after an essential stop on the way) and brought our gear inside, quickly laying things out and hitting the hay for our 5 am wake up.
Ice cream
Wake up
  • Our goal? To make it to the Stanley Mitchell Hut in one day! (The actual result? Well, we didn’t make it in one day. Let’s just say we broke trail through knee-deep snow and getting about 14 km took us 8 hours…We were exhausted from the sustained effort, disheartened at knowing we wouldn’t make it and ready to stop for the day – but I’ll let the video below tell the rest of the story!)

  • We made it out – all 25 km in just under 7 hrs battling some of the most bitter cold and harshest winds I’ve ever experienced – and it was an absolutely epic trip!
  • We drove home, showered up and made it to the Christmas Eve service at church with Mikey’s parents by 7 pm! After that it was a late dinner at his parents’ place with a family friend, Betsy, and good time together before our friend Jon arrived around 11 pm from Edmonton. All in all, the last few days were filled with good conversations, sleep-in mornings, great (read: unhealthy but delicious!) food and not much movement – just what we needed after such an intense trip! A big thanks to my in-laws for their generosity, great cooking, encouraging words and support and for a wonderful Christmas! …more on that (mainly in pictures) to come!

I hope you’re all continuing to enjoy a slower paced few days…if you’re feeling anything like me, you’re ready to get back on the clean eating train and get some good workouts in! I’ve taken the last few days off because we worked HARD in the back country for those turns…but now it’s time to hit it again! My friend posted this video on his Facebook wall and it motivated me to brave the cold for a run tomorrow morning – so I’ll leave you with this bit of inspiration.

Catch you guys later! until then, live well & be well!



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Hey guys! Tuesday is upon us…here’s to a great rest of the week! And if you’re looking for a great core workout today, look no further than over on Lindsay’s blog for today’s Tuesday Trainer edition of core work. I was unable to get my act together to post a video, but there’s plenty of good ones to choose from there from lots of wonderful women! Check it out and strengthen that core!


Thanks to those of you who commented and tweeted about my Zensah leg sleeves post – I loved sharing my thoughts with you! I wore my sleeves AGAIN today for a good workout – my calves needed the extra support and I was happy to give them a little snug hug in my Carolina blue babies. 😉

Saturday morning after my favorite weekend clients, I headed out to the mall to meet my fellow personal trainers from work for a little shopping spree! Our uniforms are lululemon tops and black pants/capris and every now and then Fifth Avenue Club gives us some money towards clothes (helpful and so generous!). So we got a few work-related clothes and then I picked up this new workout top too…I love it! A fun, cute tank top that I feel great in, and I think it’s wonderful to feel great before, during, and after a workout. lulu’s clothes are expensive, but the quality of the material and the fit is worth it for a few items!

20120415 213518

Later Saturday we headed to our friend’s Craig and Mandi’s house for an evening of hanging out. We had a great, healthy meal and the proceeded to go buy gummies and cookie dough for a movie at their place – gotta cave to the goods every now and then when it’s movie time! 😉

20120415 2135181

IMG 20120414 01701

You know it!

We didn’t want to leave their house (and are currently in the midst of planning for a sleepover some weekend soon! 😉 ) but had to head home to get up early Sunday morning for a Survive & Thrive Expeditions ski day at Lake Louise! A group of young adult cancer survivors and supporters met at Wellspring in Calgary and bussed up to the hill for a gorgeous, fun day of spring skiing. A special thanks to Peter Anderson, a survivor and incredible skier who just started chemo again for his brain tour the day after our event, for organizing the event! Thanks also to the incredible team of ski instructors who volunteered their day to ski with us, our friends Ryan & Elisa (and their adorable baby Bryce) who helped volunteer, and to Lake Louise for the tickets and rentals! What a great, inspiring day.

20120415 2135182

Monday was a great day at work: 2 at-home clients then to the gym for the afternoon/early evening and then three of my favorite girls to train at night before heading home for an 8 pm dinner. LATE for me! But the new(ish) norm around here. Thankful for work, the ability to help motivate and encourage, a good team to work with, and a chance to workout at work! #noexcuses Today it was all about a quick & effective workout: intervals on the treadmill and core work on the mat (first round speed, second round inclines, third round speed). It was great! Left me sweaty and d.o.n.e.

IMG 20120416 01705

Funky outfit cred goes to: lululemon (on top), my NorthFace running shorts, Zensah leg sleeves, & New Balance shoes. 😀

Looking forward to some full days of work, good people interaction, celebrating the 10+ year members at a party with work later this week, and a few times with friends interspersed throughout the days.

IMG 20120413 01664

Hopefully more workouts that leave me like this after they’re done:

IMG 20120414 01689

From a weekend Tabata workout Saturday: cardio & core, 20 sec on, 10 sec off for 16 total minutes of different moves! I.love.to.move.

What are you looking forward to this week?

Any good workouts planned?

And most importantly, if you could have ANY snack during a movie, what would it be? For me it’s all about licorice/Nibs/Wine Gums…I love the gummies. 🙂

Have a great Tuesday and I’ll connect with you guys soon! Live well & be well,


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Hey guys! Whew – it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Sorry for the long delay in blogging – I have been absolutely busy living life, just like Tina has been over on her blog. 😉 Things have been busy between clients at the gym, in-home clients, our recent conference in Vegas, and time spent with friends over Easter. Speaking of which, I had to share this cute photo I saw on Facebook (not sure of the source):

562639 562486162866 180500026 31407586 330862953 n

…Happy (late) Easter! How did everyone spend the weekend (celebrating or not)? I always welcome a three day weekend but above all am so thankful that Easter is about more than cute bunnies! I celebrated this weekend not in church and with family like I usually do, but in the mountains and with friends – both of which are like church and family, come to think of it! Our good friends, Ryan and Susan, who run our Survive & Thrive Expeditions kayaking trip, came up from Idaho for the weekend. Avalanche conditions were more stable, there was lots of fresh snow, and we had a 3-day weekend…it was a recipe for an amazing trip! So out into the back country, out of cell service and away from computers we went.

IMG 0008

Day 1: fueled by Pony snacks (that we eat on the river!) & ready to go!

We headed out for a day trip on Friday with our friend Luke in tow to Black Prince in Kananaskis Country. The hike up was long but it was virtually unpopulated and a beautiful day! The only down side? Super slushy, grabby, concrete-like snow. Much more of a coastal snowpack and tough to ski in, but great to get out and tour together and spend the day outside under amazing mountains.

IMG 0015

Day 2: fueled by donuts after a great night in Canmore having a Good Friday meal with Mikey’s boss & her friends!

The next day we left, ready for an adventure together and drove up the famous Icefields Parkway on another gorgeous day. Our destination this time? Parker Ridge, where we planned to skin up and ski down a fun face and lap it all.day.long. And that’s exactly what we did!

IMG 0020

IMG 0016

Despite some bad blisters (I’m talking silver dollar-sized!) that Susan endured, the day was perfect. We got 5 or 6 runs in and tracked out the place (you can tell in the first picture above). Warm weather, good friends, and perfect conditions – a Saturday doesn’t get much better, my friends! 😀

IMG 0026

IMG 0033

IMG 0041

IMG 0032

That night we headed to the one and only stop around, The Crossing, for a place to stay. It was cozy and crammed, but we enjoyed hanging out together in the little hut with amazing mountain views, a warm shower, and comfortable beds. We debated camping outside and had brought all our gear, but we were glad we stayed inside and chilled out all evening.

IMG 0045

Our last day began with lots of hiking and elevation gain as we chose to summit Cirque Peak. Once again we got some amazing weather and were so thankful to be outside in it! The views were amazing, the skiing was epic, and the company delightful, as always; even the snowboarder and skiier we met and hung out with were great to have along to the summit and down.

IMG 0046 IMG 0047 IMG 0048

IMG 0052

Our lines!

IMG 0053

Beautiful views; heading down.

It was definitely a weekend to remember. Mikey and I do have video and more pictures from Ryan and Susan coming soon, but it was too great not to share what we had right now! We love these guys and sure appreciated an uninterrupted weekend of fun and good conversation with Ryan and Susan. Thanks for making the trek up to Calgary to connect, guys! 😀

And since tomorrow is Tuesday, here’s a head’s up on what Lindsay will be putting together for this week’s Tuesday Trainer:


Head over to her site tomorrow for some more Adventurous April submissions, the idea behind which comes from Janetha over at Meals and Moves. Check out her site for info and join the community of people taking small steps to try something new this month! Love this initiative. 😀


When’s the last time you tried something adventurous? Cooked a new-to-you squash, tried a new machine at the gym, joined a new fitness class, finally said “hi” to that lonely person in your work place? Big or small, whatever it is, here’s to an adventurous month and some personal growth along the way.

Thanks for putting up with my sporadic posting…it’s good to be back! Be on the look out for more videos/pics from the weekend and some new workouts to add to your repertoire! Live in the truth and power of Christ’s Resurrection today! Live well & be well friends,


IMG 0058

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