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Weekends Are For…

Hey guys! How was your weekend? Ours was great…let me tell you a bit about it! But first, let’s hear it for Monday – a chance to start fresh, be intentional, love well and work hard. I have to pump myself up for every Monday, but we might as well embrace it, right? Are you with me? πŸ™‚

And now, back to the last few days. What are weekends for, I ask you?

Fun Friday nights! To kick our staying-in-Calgary weekend off right, we spent some time with our good friend Jacque (and the dog she’s dog-sitting, cute old Riley!). We barbequed up some chicken with a salad, went for a walk to DQ (Jacque and I decline but of course I had a bite of Mikey’s cone!) and beat the rain and wind home to watch a movie. It was a great night! We love this girl and time with her is always so valuable.




We went to bed late, as it should be on a Friday night when you’re still in your twenties, and woke up late Saturday morning, enjoying the break and a nice sleep-in. But do you know what weekends are also for?Β 


That’s right! Weekends are also for long runs! I had some time and decided to hit the road, not being too sore from recent workouts and feeling unpressured with the day’s events ahead of me. The run, while quite hot and humid, was still great. I listened to part of a Tim Keller sermon, cranked up the Switchfoot, and even let the music roll into the pop zone to keep me motivated. Along the way, I saw 8 deer! About 5 full grown ones and 3 fawn – they were beautiful to see as I wound my way through the familiar trails of Fish Creek Park. I was so happy to be done afterward – not my fastest 10 miles, but much faster than my recent runs (and certainly better than last weekend’s attempt!). There’s just nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment you get after a good, hard run.

Run CollageWeekends are also for un-rushed time with friends and family, or rather, friends who are like family in this case! Although we didn’t snap many pictures, Mikey and I had a great time visiting our friends Heather and Roger and their cute little girl Shawna, and we enjoyed time playing a bit of baseball, soccer, and chatting in the backyard for a few hours. Isn’t good to catch up on life with people you love? The summer fruit spread didn’t hurt either. πŸ˜‰


But let me ask you yet again – what else are weekends for? For meeting new people and seeing old friends! We met a couple who had contacted us about what we do with Survive & Thrive Expeditions and had a great time chatting about life, cancer, ministry and simply sharing stories. What a neat time to explore new relationships and build bridges. It was great to connect, Jay & Diane!

Afterward, we met our almost-Half-Ironman-friend (her race is next weekend!), Vicky, for a late dinner at Farm. We hardly ever go out to eat, so when we do, we enjoy it and take our time. I also like to get a little dressed up (well, for me!) and even accessorized a little for the occasion:

BoomFarm is a local restaurant that only works with Alberta farmers who respect the land and their animals for all their food! The quality of their food is amazing, the service great, and the ambiance enjoyable. We highly recommend this place to foodies and non-foodies alike if you’re visiting Calgary!Farm FunWe had a great time chatting with Vicky and hearing about her disciplined training schedule (it fascinates me; I move a lot but have actually rarely “trained” specifically for something; she’s rocking it!) and hopes to get into med school – she’s one smart, neat, fun cookie!


After another late night (and extremely late meal!), we went to bed full and satisfied from a great day of connecting with people. We woke up and headed out to the early service at our church (9:15 am – not actually that early, but definitely after two late nights!). It was so good to finally go to First Alliance again – we’ve been away for about 6 weekends in a row, so it was great to fellowship with other people, worship together, and take time to think and be with God. For our lifestyle, that’s definitely another thing weekends are for – time spent at church with The Church (the body of believers! We’re not a building but a group of people!).Β 

After the service, we waited to get a call – my aunt Bonnie (yes, I was named after her! ) and uncle Dean were driving through Calgary and we’d planned to connect over dinner! I couldn’t wait – they’re the only people to visit us in Calgary besides my parents! We drove downtown and, after strolling along Eau Claire and Prince’s Island Park, went out to eat at the Barley Mill, a cute place with better-than-average pub food. Bonnie and I both got the turkey strawberry sourdough sandwiches and they were great!Β 


We talked non-stop (as is the case in our family!) and although it was too brief, I loved every minute of reconnecting with Bonnie and Dean! What a gift and blessing family is…we said goodbye and snapped one last picture together – Big Bonnie and Little Bonnie (as we’ve always been called):

Big  Little

It was a great weekend – a little more indulgent than other weekends (and, um, we did go see the new SpiderMan movie afterward Sunday – it ROCKED and was way better than the other ones (you were right, Taylor!)) but so good to spend it with people. Sometimes our weekends are just for us, other times they’re for getting outside, but this weekend it was about being intentional with our community – friends and family alike. What are your weekends often for, and what about this last one specifically?

Have a great start to your week and I’ll connect with you guys later – I’ve got a busy day of training ahead (thankful, but again pumping myself up for 8 back-to-back clients and subbing a core class)! Live well & be well,


10 miles

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  • Christine @ Love, Life, Surf says:

    This is such a lovely post and sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. Our weekend was all about spending time as a family (and trying desperately to unplug from work and just be), exploring a new place, catching up with friends and quality time for my kids with their grandmother. All in all, fantastic.

  • Angela @ Happy Fit Mama says:

    My weekends are for LONG runs, family times, enjoying nature, good food and LOTS of smiling and laughter. That pretty much wraps up my past weekend. Perfect!

    Have a great week! πŸ˜‰

  • Miz says:


    I love your posts because they are so authentic.
    this is 100% who you are and you are just sharing snippets with us.
    you arent posing or trying to be what you think your readers WANT you to be.


    • Bon says:

      I have to admit, I LOVE the sappiness – makes me feel so loved! Part of me posting what I want and what I feel and am processing comes from your blog – you being you. It’s powerful and I appreciate the example you set, MizFit! πŸ˜€

  • Katie @wishandwhimsy says:

    I love my weekends for some many of the same reasons. We get to embrace fun moments, spend “unrushed” time with friends and family. It’s a time for community building and enjoying what we really love about life. Thanks for reminding me to appreciate weekends. Reflecting on my own right now. Have a great week ahead!

  • Paige @ Running Around Normal says:

    What a fun packed weekend, Bonnie! Love the DQ stash, lol!
    We stayed up pretty late both nights, too, which is fun at the time, but I always have a tough time adjusting back on Sunday nights.

    • Bon says:

      Yes, I’m with you Paige – I start to get ready for bed at 9 pm, even if I’m in bed by 11 pm – late nights make me anxious! lol πŸ˜‰

  • Heather @ Better With Veggies says:

    Hey – I ran 10 miles this weekend too. πŸ™‚ Sounds like you had a great weekend and I love the concept for Farm, my kind of place for sure!

  • Rana says:

    Hey Bonnie!

    I ran a 10 mile road race this weekend… and then enjoyed a nice outdoor projector style movie downtown last night with a great friend- awesome start to my week!! πŸ™‚

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