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Lacking Mojo + a Client Core Move

Hey everyone! It’s a beautiful Thursday in Calgary and I’m feeling good – tired, but good. I’ve taken on a 6:15 am client Tues/Thurs and while I love getting workouts in with clients early and seeing the sunrise, I have to get moving pretty early to drive to the train station, get to the gym and be ready before my first client rolls in. Needless to say, I just need a little more sleep – anyone feel me on that one? So important to get good, quality sleep – that’s my goal tonight. #SLEEP

Today I wanted to check in on the fitness front and share a quick video with you guys – hopefully something you’ll enjoy adding to your next workout. But first, I used some birthday cashola from my madre to buy a new pair of training shoes:

Nike frees

Whoo! I love these shoes – they are two of my favorite colors (gray and orange) and they are super lightweight. I haven’t always been a Nike girl because I have wide feet (bunions!) and usually Nikes are too narrow for me. But I thought I’d try them out since my feet now gravitate towards more minimalistic-styles of shoes and so far I’m loving them! I’ve done a few strength training workouts and one short run in them and so far, so good! Who out there is a Nike fan?

In other news, I’ve been enjoying getting back into the workout groove the past two weeks since we’ve come back from our Owyhee River kayaking trip and weekend canoeing trip. Here are a few of my #PROOF shots:




Besides a few good workouts here and there, I have nothing too new to report, just that I’m working on my consistency. Today’s workout was TOUGH. Sometimes they just are. I had a very hard time motivating myself and just wasn’t feeling in the groove one bit. That being said, I felt great once I finished and was glad I still chose to move.


How have YOU been moving lately? If you’re like me and find yourself lacking that workout mojo, here are a few of my go-to methods when I’m not feeling the intensity in a workout that might help:

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz004

On that note, I’m glad I got my workout in (bench press, pull ups, and dead lifts – I employed number “4” today above!) and glad I’m moving on with the day. I’m still rocking StrongLikeSusan‘s Ab Challenge as we were away and disconnected from the internet off and on over the past few weeks – I’m on Day 19 and pushing through! Feel free to jump in if you need some fresh core moves – or try the one below!

Thanks to Andre for the workout inspiration there – I did this yesterday and combined with my workout and Day 18 from the Ab Challenge, I’m feeling it! – maybe that’s why my mojo was low today. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Give it a shot and let me know if you decide to try it!

Have a great afternoon guys! I’ll catch you on the flip side, but until then, keep eating lean and green and moving more – make it a lifestyle choice and! Live well & be well,



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  • Heather @ Better With Veggies says:

    The ab challenge is kicking my bootie – I haven’t actually been able to do a full workout as it was written yet! I talked Kirk into joining me for one on Tuesday and was glad to see he was struggling too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love the motivation inspiration – just pinned that for when I need it!

  • Kait - @runkaitrun says:

    1. you are too cute
    2. i love you new shoes
    3. strong like susan workout is kicking my booty too – i love it!

    i’m looking to get a more minimalist pair of running shoes as well – how often do you run in your nike frees?

    • Bon says:

      1. thanks!
      2. they’re fun, aren’t they?
      3. love Strong Like Susan too! ๐Ÿ˜€

      As far as the running in the shoes goes, I’ve run in them only a handful of times – maybe 4 or 5 now? – and I don’t think they’re the BEST…I’ve decided I like more minimalistic shoes for running (like my Vibrams) but I DO love them for working out. Not sure if it’s the shoes or my body but I’ve been getting a pain in the front of my knee cap when I run, so we’ll see with more runs in them what I truly think…Just a few thoughts for you; thanks for asking!

  • Molly Ritterbeck says:

    I am loving these shoes! Thanks for the motivation words!!!

  • janetha [meals & moves] says:

    cool, i am gonna check those shoes out. i, too, love minimalistic shoes (as you know) and i also have wide feet! i have been looking for something other than vibrams, so thanks for the suggestion. plus, love the colors!


  • Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table says:

    this is a great post for me today – I needed motivation SO badly this morning. Getting to the gym with a sunburn is painful… I think it was sheer habit that got me there today! BUT – as always – I never regret a workout. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Charissa says:

    Great tips for motivation! Sometimes it’s hard to keep going!

  • Alex says:

    That’s how a fitness trainer should be. Putting its client as first priority. Good Job!

  • purelylori says:

    seriously need to get myself a new pair of nike frees, love those shoes. and the pair I have now are a few years old!!!
    love your motivation tips!!!

  • Lindsay @ Lindsay's List says:

    hmm…wonder how the Nike Free’s would work with my PF? How minimalistic are they?

    • Bon says:

      Hmm…well, I love them for working out, but more and more I’m finding that they’re maybe not the best for running…but I’d say fairly minimalistic…Maybe check them out on the website (different models for different amounts of minimalism).

  • JenniStearns says:

    Awesome shoes!

    Yes, I am moving more! I promised myself that after we got moved to Nicaragua I would start working out, and I’m following through. It’s hot, sticky and humid but I am starting off my day with a prayer walk (probably about a mile), and then I do a jump rope/stretch band workout. I’m trying to incorporate some body strength moves like lunges, push ups, etc, but for anything on the ground I have to wait to get a yoga mat. Between the bugs and animals it can be pretty sketchy!

    The food has been a challenge…rice and beans are pretty standard here but I’m trying to find ways to get some veggies into my diet.

    Life is good! I hope things are going well up north!

    • Bon says:

      Well done, Jenni! Way to follow through and stick with it…sounds like you’re doing an incredible job with what you have both weather/environment/bugs/motivation-wise. And yes, things are good up north! Thanks so much for the comment. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Miz says:

    echoing your REST REST as it’s so important.
    I took and unplanned day off yesterday and feel worlds better today.

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