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Three Things Friday

Hey guys! HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope all you Canadian readers had a great short week and that you American readers have a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday weekend. Aren’t short work weeks and long weekends the best? Perhaps we work too much…Although I can’t complain because my work life is only getting full again for the first time in a while. ūüėČ At any rate, the weekend is here. I’m sitting in my robe, fresh off a shower, looking at the sunset and looming trees outside the basement window. Hellloooo, spring!

Here are three quick Friday things to get your weekend started off right:


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Yesterday I had a break in my schedule and got my cardio on. It was cold(ish) outside and I felt like mixing it up, so I went for something different than my usual run. I ran hard for 4 miles on the treadmill, popped upstairs to the stair master for 15 minutes, and finished off with 20 minutes on the rowing machine. It was so fun to do something different!

The day before I got in a good workout and it proved to be a fun challenge. I wanted to share this quick workout with you guys to do this weekend that will emphasize all your major muscle groups and get you breathing hard! Let me know if you give it a whirl!

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A few notes: “AMAP” stands for “as many as possible” – complete as many reps as you can before burning out and losing form.¬†

Inverted Row:

NewImage (source)

DB Split Squats:



Swiss Ball Exercise:


(one leg raises + curls; two legs is the same movement but with both feet on ball) 


 1-Arm KB Swings: switch at the top of the swing for 20 swings total (or 10 per arm)

Thrusters: complete 100 reps, breaking as needed, as fast as possible!




Stoked for a few things: Tonight we had dinner with our good friend Vicky downtown. Indian food was the name of the game and man did it hit the spot! It was so, so good to catch up on life with this adventurous, inspirational woman. She’s currently training for her first Half-Ironman!

Also, I’m pumped for…Switchfoot tomorrow night with Craig and Mandi! We love the show that Switchfoot puts on and once even drove down to San Diego to see them for a weekend (28 hours in the car each way over 3 days makes friends fast). here’s a little look back at that trip…

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Ready for the weekend! Although it was only a four-day work week, yesterday was LONG: 9 clients! I was at the gym from 7 am (left the house by 5:45 am) until 5:30 pm (got home at 6:30 pm).

IMG 20120524 02043

A blurry stroll on the way to work early yesterday a.m!

Let’s hear it for a long run, time with friends and Mikey, and some rest and reflection (love weekends for that). I’ve also been enjoying the book my mom sent me on marriage (that I just blogged about) and yesterday I got another book she sent me: “Radical: Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream.” I’m LOVING it!

IMG 20120524 02041

I plan to read much more this weekend and always look forward to my train ride when I have this to look forward to during the commute!

So…there’s 3 things for ya! Got a good workout to share with me? Link it below! Reading any good books yourself lately? I’d love to get some recommendations. And what are you looking forward to about your weekend? Lay it on me!

Have a good one, guys. Live well & be well and take time to move, eat well, treat your body right, and enjoy OTHERS this weekend!



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