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What a Wonderful Weekend!

Hey everyone! I hope this post finds you well and getting ready for a great week ahead. I had such a great weekend and just wanted to pop in and say hi before hitting Monday with a new post, new clients, and a full week ahead. Just logging bits of the beauty of community and value of rest as experienced this weekend; please share in the comments something valuable you did or experienced this weekend too!

After work on Friday at the gym (and blogging about the goodness of eggs – looks like many of you are with me!), I finished up training some clients on my own before flopping down for the night and relaxing at home.

IMG 20120323 01448

Mikey was away this weekend speaking at a conference in the States, so I took advantage of being home and embracing rest, which was just what I needed! I woke up Saturday wanting to workout but wanting more to have a good cup of coffee and an egg, avocado, salsa, hummus scramble more. 😉 After breakfast I trained some clients and came home to clean up the home, workout, and shower before meeting my friend Jacque for a fun date:

IMG 0015

That’s right! ME, of all girls, asked Jacque, of all girls, to get a pedicure with me! So funny – this is something we both NEVER do and after we settled into the comfy massage chairs and fought through the tickling of having someone else work on your feet, we ended up having a great time. I love this girl; it was so great (and needed!) to catch up and hear the neat art and humanitarian projects she’s involved in and get the full report on work and life. Plus, I got some cute purple toes out of the deal!

IMG 20120324 01458

The fun continued Saturday with an early dinner out with my friend Edith at Dairy Lane Cafe near Kensington in Calgary.  They’re a local, organic, teeny tiny restaurant that serves incredible burgers and wine and I’d been dying to go back ever since going once before last year. The timing to connect before Edith’s mission trip (she’s in Belize as we speak!) was perfect and I really enjoyed the time spent with her – and the good food! She got the veggie burger with gruyere and I got the pesto basic turkey burger, both with side salads and a glass of wine.

IMG 0006

IMG 0007 IMG 0008

The food was great, the service speedy, and we got in before they filled up! The company, of course, was the best part. 😉 Afterward we passed a gelato place on the way back and got a single scoop which was delicious! From there, Edith and I continued good conversation in the car and headed to church where I was encouraged and delighted to praise God with others.

IMG 20120324 01459

Today has been all about resting and prepping for the week ahead. I got down to business and cleaned the bathroom (shower included!), did some dishes, 2 loads of laundry (clean sheets tonight – there’s nothing better!), and didn’t get out of my PJ’s for a long time. 🙂 I’m looking forward to picking Mikey up tonight from the airport and then hitting the hay early as I have to be at work at 6 am for a client tomorrow – that makes for an early wake-up call and train boarding time! Back to the grind! 😉 I’m contemplating a run but also need to make some food for the week ahead – hard boiled eggs, spinach salads with good toppings, and lots of grapefruit in the days to come for this personal trainer!

Fill me in on your weekend: who blessed you? What enriched your heart? How did you move? How did you indulge or relax? I hope you’re going into the week ahead rejuvenated and ready for the unexpected with a sense of anticipation rather than dread. Please pop by tomorrow for an important post about pushing through plateaus in your workouts and staying the course when pursuing your dreams! Have a great night!

Live well & be well, friends,




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