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26.2 in 2 + Healthy Eats For You!

Hellllo friends and hellllo Friday! We’ve reached the end of the week once again. Now, I haven’t had many – okay, none if we’re counting here – 9 to 5 jobs in my life, so I know I don’t really understand the relief that Friday is to many of you 40+ hours/week workers. However, I remember when I worked in a gym and, trying to get clients, had to be there most of the day to network and be visible. I would leave the house at 4:30 am to be there when the gym opened at 5 am and got right to work with a young mom in the dark hours of the morning. I rolled on through sessions with a client every hour, on the hour, until about 9 or 10 am, took a coffee and snack break, and had maybe one or two before lunch. I’d hang around the gym, go for a run or get my workout in, and then the evening crowd would arrive, energy high and equipment, weights, and rooms packed to the brim. (Side note: I still don’t know how people have the will power to go from work to the gym; way to go night time athletes!) In those days, even though I liked my job, I truly looked forward to Friday. And I hated that. I wanted to live in the moment and not just say to my co-workers, “Can you believe it’s only Wednesday?!”

Do you find you live for the weekend? Have you thought about that as being positive or negative, or simply “how it is?” Penny for your thoughts on this topic.

It’s easier to live in the moment with my schedule now, but still, there’s something freeing about Friday and it’s fun to embrace the coming of the weekend. So: let’s embrace this day!

– – – – – – – – –

How about some long miles ran to complement a long intro? Winking smile It’s been a full two days of connecting with potential new clients and running for me, and without planning to I ended up running a marathon in two days! Let’s back up. On Tuesday, I did a great CrossFit workout that I’ve done in the past but forgot about until I saw it on Katie’s blog the other day. She did 13 rounds of this simple but killer workout and challenged anyone to beat her score. Always up for a good challenge, I went for it on a day I didn’t have a specific workout planned and really pushed! Here’s the breakdown:

20 min total, as many rounds as possible of:

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats

Because it’s a short workout time-wise, you really need to push yourself to get the most of these moves’ benefits. If you don’t, you’ll be left with more gas in the tank and wondering why you didn’t push a little harder. One move right into another! One exercise right into another! Go for it – let yourself breathe hard, feel the burn, and watch your pace slow as you start to leave it all on the mat.

I was shocked to wake up with super sore pectorals the next day (the chest from all those push ups!). I guess after managing 18 2/3 rounds I ended up with about 190 push ups total (95 pull ups and 270 squats) I felt it the next day! i was only surprised because I’ll often do chunks of push ups to get 100 or more in a day, but maybe it’s because I was really pushing that I felt it so hard? At any rate, I decided it would be a cardio day based on that, and left in beautiful weather for an 8 mile run in between training clients.


I felt strong, fast, and happy as I cruised along and gave my push up muscles a break. Winking smile Thanks to using Mikey’s headphones again, I downloaded two short sermons and felt really inspired as I ran, “Uh hmmm”-ing along in agreement to the pastor. I’ve been trying to fill my mind with better thoughts lately, and I loved the time to let the words sink in as I moved.

– – – – – – – – – –

Enter Thursday. Pecs are recovered, body feels ready to move, and my schedule is wide open save for some clients at night. That shouts LONG RUN to me and I decided to up last week’s 16 miler by 2 miles. I originally thought I’d go for this run on Saturday, but since Mikey was working and I had no plans, I thought it’d be better to run then rather than eat into weekend plans. And so, after some workout prep for clients in the morning I headed out the door on a very gray, wintry day, sans music/sermons as Mikey needed them for work (they are his, after all Winking smile). I decided to embrace the silence, allow myself to zone out if I wanted, and take time to notice my surroundings around me. Here’s a glimpse of what I noticed:

Scenes from an 18-miler

Clear and icy patches; Christmas colored jelly beans and raisins as fuel; horses watching me pass quietly; birds fluttering together through the trees; open roads; happy smiles (on the down hills only Winking smile); and a full gear for winter running.

This run was tough – I really felt the distance today. I started out fast and felt great (full well knowing long runs are supposed to be SLOW) and realized at different times throughout the run that I don’t know how to run at different paces. I don’t do speed work too often (if I was training for something I would, but I just run mainly for fun) and I find myself hitting many of my mile markers at the same times as other shorter runs when I’m going long. So clearly I also don’t know how to slow it down!

And yet there were moments throughout the run that made me feel like I was flying. This was mainly on the down hills! My whole body could really feel the difference between the slight up hills and slight down hills, and I took advantage of when I felt great and let my body go!

I prayed on this run, enjoyed the scenery, toughed it out when I felt like walking, and walked during my fuel breaks (jelly beans and raisins were all I had in the house!) – and enjoyed every second of those walking breaks. My running time was 2:57 but with my 2 bathroom breaks (I’m in and out of those trees like lightning!), stalls at stop lights, and walking fuel breaks, my total time was surely over 3 hours by a few minutes. That means my pace obviously slowed down, which is good because that’s supposed to happen on a long run! Still learning that’s okay. Smile But it made me think, if you feel like giving up, KEEP GOING…because you never know if the next down hill is just down the corner. If I was to give up when I really felt like it, that would have meant turning around at the 5 mile mark, making it a 10 mile run instead of 18.19… Ten miles is my comfort zone. It’s good to get ourselves out and push every now and then; the battle I fought on the pavement yesterday was definitely a mental one, and I enjoyed pushing through it even though it wasn’t easy.

– – – – – – – – –

And that brings me to the present! 26.19 (can we just call it a marathon?! Open-mouthed smile) in two days and a rest day, although I’m already getting a bit restless! I trained a client after another cancelled (sick! Lots of people are out for the count right now), and now am hanging out with my favorite person at a coffee shop while we get work done. He handed in his Master’s applications today for Grad School here at the U of Calgary for next year. Big day! Not sure how the finances will work; we’re trusting that if this is God’s direction he will provide a way. First step: get in. Winking smile


I think its a hang-out-inside-date-night kind of evening and we’re looking forward to it! Cooking a healthy meal together, probably enjoying a glass of wine, and hitting the hay for a possible backcountry ski morning the next day and a friend’s birthday party at night. One thing’s for sure, we won’t be eating what I had for breakfast and a snack:

IMG_0003 IMG-20120112-00911

Ashley’s Green Wrapped Breakfast + Angela’s Healthy Chocolate Chia Pudding. I finally bought Swiss chard and loved trying this new breakfast out; it kept me full for ages, surprisingly! And I ate part of the chia pudding on it’s own and then in green protein smoothie post-18 miler yesterday and it left me satisfied and settled (which is great after long runs; sometimes my stomach give me trouble). Try something different and make these this weekend! …your spouse may not like it but you will. Winking smile

Have a great weekend you guys! Embrace the moments ahead, don’t dread the coming of the work week, and press on, whether that’s in exercise, in relationships, or in life. Fuel your body well and move so you can live well & be well,


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  • janetha says:

    Look at that snow.. and you working out IN it. Die hard.. you are awesome! Hope you have a great weekend, Bonnie! xoxo

    • Bon says:

      Thanks J! But it has been SO warm out so that snow is deceiving. 😉 BUT…now it is COLD and snowing for the next two weeks! The high is in the -20’s (C) all week! BRRR…I won’t be as hardcore then – but thanks for the vote of confidence. 😉 Happy Sunday to you!

  • Heather @ Better With Veggies says:

    I’ll admit, I tend to live for the weekend – and vacation. I know this isn’t the best and I’ve had seasons that I really love working, but I would really rather someone pay me to just do my own thing and travel a lot. Until I can make up a profession that someone will actually pay me to do that, work is work. I don’t hate it, but I’m also thrilled when it’s Friday. =)

    I would have never thought of a green wrap for breakfast, but then I wouldn’t have thought I’d like kale in my smoothies either, so I’ll trust you on that one and add it to my list.

    • Bon says:

      You know Heather, I don’t know if it’s a BAD thing…but we work so much it’s hard NOT to be focused on your breaks…Never thought of it that way before but I think it’s true! I love what I do, but even with minimal hours and working Saturdays now I still like Fridays too. 😉 And yes, give that wrap a shot – personally, I loved it!

  • Lindsay says:

    oh goodness, thats quite a run. But i expect no less from you! hehe. Enjoy the date night in. I love those. and I am saving this workout. Sounds PERFECT!

  • She Rocks Fitness says:

    Hello Wonder Woman! Really interested in trying those green breakfast wraps. I’ve never used Swiss chard before…Can totally relate to the beginning of your post. I used to work in a corporate gym and didn’t even last a year. It was horrible. Another story for another time…Have a wonderful weekend! 😉

    • Bon says:

      You are the best. Really! You encourage me with your words when you comment, Kathleen! I’d love to hear that other story for another time… 😉 Have a great Sunday!

  • MizFit says:

    I love this and today I am pressing onward in BEING PRESENT with my child.

  • Life to the Full · MRT & the Afterburn Effect says:

    […] slower workouts overall and intrigued me). And personally, I still love to run long distances (18 miles for fun, […]

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